Bad Blood (Book 4 of The Warden series)

Bad Blood (Book 4 of The Warden series) by Felicia Jedlicka Read Free Book Online

Book: Bad Blood (Book 4 of The Warden series) by Felicia Jedlicka Read Free Book Online
Authors: Felicia Jedlicka
love you. You being here means the world to me, and I would give you anything in the world within reason.” She nodded taking the sentiments like heavy bags of groceries. “But that part of my life is over and I will not discuss it.”
    Her eyes flickered over his, trying to discern his temperament. She might have suspected he was mad, and she could easily assume he was sad, but there would be no way for her to place the third emotion that always accompanied his memories of his wife’s death.
    He had no intention of reliving any of his history. Not for the sake of empathy or understanding. Certainly not to entertain curiosity.
    The moment was interrupted by Ethan trampling down the stairs. They broke hands, and continued to slice the cucumbers and tomatoes to add to the lettuce. “That smells good.” Ethan dropped his duffel bag by the door. It was rather small Danato thought, even for a week, but since Ethan rarely escaped his black t-shirt and black cargo pants, there really wasn’t much of a wardrobe to pack. “Any wine, or are we saving that for my triumphant return.”
    “Wine it is,” Danato agreed. He did prefer to save the wine for special occasions, but good-byes were as much an ordeal as hello’s, so why not. He wiped off his hands and pulled a choice bottle from the wine rack on the counter beside the fridge. Ethan practically ran to fetch the glasses. He grabbed three, even though Cori usually just sipped hers to be polite. Ethan never noticed that she poured most of it down the sink at the end of the meal.
    He popped the cork just as Cori finished the salad. They sat down at the table and started devouring the food with hardly a word of conversation apart from groans of appreciation to compliment the cook. Though he would never burden her with supper duty every night, he did prefer her cooking to Ethan’s and even his own. It was a benefit he loathed to be rid of, but he had put off the hard conversation long enough.
    “I have something I want to talk to you both about. We should probably discuss it before Ethan leaves.”
    “What’s up?” Ethan said with a mouth full of noodles.
    “I assume the house has finally decided on your apartment?”
    “Yes,” Ethan said swallowing. “It’s the perfect combination of modern and comfortable.” Cori nodded in agreement.
    “At some point we will need to consider other accommodations.”
    After a meet and greet between them and dropped forks, they both swallowed hard and looked at him. “Are you kicking us out?” Cori asked.
    “No, me. Other accommodations for me.”
    They once again shared a glance before returning to him. “But this is your house,” Ethan pointed out like he had gone senile.
    “I know that, but you are going to be warden. This is your house.”
    “No,” Cori said. “This is our house.”
    Danato shook his head. “You two are married now. You don’t want me cramping your style.”
    “Do you want to leave?” Cori questioned with notable pain in her voice.
    “No, I love it here.” Danato put his hand over hers, so she didn’t think he was trying to escape them.
    “Danato,” Ethan exchanged a look with Cori. “I think we both agree that we don’t want things to change.”
    “But this house could be your house. The way you want it. Your style.”
    “We like this house because it’s home. We like it for the contents currently in it.” Ethan pulled up his napkin and tossed it on his plate. He motioned to the table. “Do you see the three unoccupied chairs at this table? I don’t want more empty chairs at my table. I want more butts in the seats. I don’t want fewer people in my home, I want more.”
    Danato smiled. He had expected them to demur as any polite person would, but he didn’t expect them to outright refuse to let him leave. He thought he was offering them a way out of their awkward cohabitation. He had no idea they actually preferred being with him.
    “I guess it’s settled,” he said raising

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