Bad Boy's Last Race

Bad Boy's Last Race by Dallas Cole Read Free Book Online

Book: Bad Boy's Last Race by Dallas Cole Read Free Book Online
Authors: Dallas Cole
    “ Envious. People are always misusing that word, jealous.” She shook her head. “You envy things that don’t belong to you, and are jealous of things you already have. But you can’t be jealous of something that isn’t yours.”
    “I could be yours.”
    The words are out of my mouth before I know it, hanging between us. Shit. No use playing it off, though. I’ve tossed all my chips in the pot, and all I can do now is play the hand I’ve got. I bare my teeth in my best rock-star grin.
    Sophie arches one eyebrow at me, and looks me over again, but something in her expression is like she was seeing me for the first time. Slowly, the tension in her shoulders fades and she swings the door wider. “You want a drink?” she asks.
    Point: Jagger. I followed her inside.
    The carriage studio is cramped, but cute. A kitchenette takes up one corner of the room, then she’s wedged a sofa and bookshelf into another, while a bed and walled-off bathroom took up the other half. “Nice place,” I say. I live in the apartments above Drazic Muscleworks, so I’m no stranger to cramped spaces. I walked over to the couch and settle down just to one side of the middle. Let’s see how close she feels like getting.
    Apparently, not very. Sophie perches on the arm of the couch farthest from me and extends a beer toward me. Something obscure, crafty—I’ve never had it before. I take a swig, though, and it’s delicious.
    “You can sit with me, you know.” I pat the cushion next to me. “What’re you scared of?”
    Sophie chews on one fingernail, her creamy cheeks going red. “Well . . . you, for starters.”
    “Me?” I gesture to the length of my body. Drink it in, girls. “I know I’m something of a Greek god, but I’m harmless.”
    She starts to ease toward me, but then she tenses again. “I hardly know you.” She shakes her head. “And that’s dangerous.”
    I take another drink of beer, then set it down on the coffee table and lean toward her. Her dark blue eyes locked onto mine, pupils dilating. “You like danger. You’re plenty of trouble yourself.”
    “I like it better when I’m the one causing it.”
    She smirks, and I saw a flash of that confident goddess I’d met in the bar a few weeks back. How did she change so quickly from that girl into the timid bunny she is the rest of the time? I don’t understand it at all. “Tell you what. Maybe you’d feel better if you knew a little more about me. Would that help?” I ask. Talking is the last thing I want to do—I can’t keep my eyes off those legs, those lips, that sinister glint in her gaze—but I want her to feel comfortable around me. Whatever it takes for her to relax.
    “What’s there to know? You come in second place in big races. Congratulations.”
    My grin widens. “I made a conscious decision —”
    “Of course you did.” She slides down the arm of the couch and faces me now. Progress. “Delusions of grandeur, narcissistic behavior . . . You’re quite the head case, Jagger.” She darts one finger out, tentatively, and pushes it against the neck of my beer bottle. I raise an eyebrow at her and offer her the bottle. She nods and takes a swig, her legs sliding over mine.
    Now that’s much better. I cup a hand on her knee and stroke the soft, creamy skin of her thigh. “I’ve been racing since I was fourteen. Before I even had a license.”
    “Needed an escape that badly, huh?” she asks.
    I shrug. “It was a good excuse to get out of the house. And I was good at it.”
    Sophie hands the beer back to me. “Why? Was home somewhere you needed to escape from?”
    God damn. This girl doesn’t miss a thing. I’ll have to be extra careful around her. But then again, I think, my hand slipping between her knees, I don't want to be too careful. “You could say that. But it’s not important. Drazic found me, cleaned me up, made me into the finely-tuned machine I am today.” I flex, and she grins again. “All right. Your

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