Baltimore Chronicles

Baltimore Chronicles by Treasure Hernandez Read Free Book Online

Book: Baltimore Chronicles by Treasure Hernandez Read Free Book Online
Authors: Treasure Hernandez
seventeen, because Scar knew that meant they would be charged as minors for most of the crimes they’d commit. Rodriguez felt like shit inside for being a part of the city’s destruction.
    â€œYo, Trail, get this bitch her pay,” Sticks ordered.
    Trail gritted his teeth. He fucking hated that Sticks tried so hard to act like Scar, ordering him around like they hadn’t started out together on the same level. Sticks was taking this stand-in role as leader to the head, and Trail was growing more and more fed up by the day. Trail walked slowly to retrieve the money.
    Rodriguez looked around. She thought back to a time when she was running up in a spot like this, taking everybody to jail. She scanned the room in disbelief, and then she spotted someone, which almost made her faint. She squinted and blinked her eyes, thinking that they were deceiving her. That can’t be her, she thought to herself.
    Just then Danielle rose up from the chair and turned around. “Baby, I’m done with this stack,” she yelled to Sticks. She locked eyes with Rodriguez, and she stopped breathing for a minute. Then she started coughing.
    Rodriguez let an evil look take over her face as she stared at her, and Danielle quickly turned around and walked in the opposite direction of where her sister stood. She was shocked to see Rodriguez there. Rodriguez was equally shocked, but she knew she would risk putting Danielle in grave danger if she grabbed her up like she wanted to. That would give the impression that Danielle was affiliated with law enforcement and put her in harm’s way. Rodriguez was fuming inside, and she couldn’t stop staring at her little sister.
    â€œSee something you like over there? I didn’t know you liked to lick pussy. Yeah, you look like one of them dike bitches,” Sticks said.
    Rodriguez snapped out of her trance. “No, I’m just admiring how you are keeping stuff together while Scar is away,” Rodriguez fabricated on the spot.
    Just as she said that, Trail returned with a small knapsack and threw it at her feet. “Fifty, like Scar told you,” Trail said dryly, quickly turning his back and walking away.
    Danielle sat down on one of the couches and looked her sister up and down. She put her head to the side and twisted her lips. I can’t believe her ass is a dirty cop. Oh, I’ma have a field day with her paper now . She gonna pay me. I betcha Mama don’t know about this, she thought to herself.
    Danielle knew she could never let Sticks find out she was so closely related to Rodriguez. Being down with a cop?something she would never reveal to the crew?was a sure way to get herself killed. Especially with the big day they’d all been planning for coming up. It was going to be Danielle’s chance to finally establish herself and get out from under her sister’s controlling ass. After their upcoming lick, Danielle figured she would get enough money that she wouldn’t have to spend time with her lame-ass sister. She would be able to support herself and buy herself all the fly shit she wanted.
    Rodriguez took one last look at Danielle before she turned to leave. Danielle saw her looking, so she got up, walked over to Sticks, and began tonguing him down. She wanted her sister to know she was grown, that she was establishing her own independence.
    Back in her car, Rodriguez slammed her hands on the steering wheel. She was livid. How could Danielle be so stupid, getting involved with a crew of criminals? She was even more mad at herself. She had sold her soul to the devil, and now the role model she tried to portray to her impressionable sister was shattered.
    â€œShe can’t be involved with Scar’s crew,” Rodriguez mumbled to herself. “I will put a stop to this shit.”
    It took her a while to pull out. She kept contemplating getting out of her car, storming back into the warehouse, and snatching Danielle out of there

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