Be Careful What You Wish For
distracted from the only thing I wanted.
    He had a truck that might have been black, but it was hard to tell in the dark.  He lifted me up on the passenger side seat, and I loved the feel of his hands on my body.  Oh …a preview.  His hands were firm and a little rough but not too much. He shut the door and walked to the driver’s side, and I looked toward the front of the bar.  I kept expecting to see Fay come out the front door, but I was sure she was texting her three girlfriends at any rate.
    And then I felt paranoid…wondering things like if she was going to follow us to wherever we would end up and interrupt us mid-fuck.  He started driving through the heart of town, so if he intended to screw me in his truck, he’d have to find a more private place to do it.  We passed a couple of seedy hotels, so I was beginning to wonder what he had in mind.  He got on the freeway, though, and then my mind started to race.  And for a second, I wondered if he and his wife were serial killers or something sinister, that I’d just become a willing victim, driven out of desperation to do something I’d never have considered before.  I wasn’t getting those vibes, but maybe all the victims of serial killers never had either.  I was starting to panic.
    But then he took the next exit off the freeway and soon pulled into the parking lot of a Marriott, and I felt overwhelming relief, first that I was probably safe.  More than that, though, this place looked pretty nice, not a dive where we’d get bedbugs like the couple of places he’d already bypassed.  Without a word, he found a place to park and walked over to my side of the truck, opening the door and helping me to the ground.  We walked inside side by side in silence.  He still didn’t touch me—no hand holding, no arm around my waist.  I almost smiled thinking about it, because I thought it was pretty obvious what we were planning.  I wanted to respect his wishes, though, and I’d let him touch me when he felt ready.
    The clerk asked for his credit card and I acted as nonchalant as I could, looking around the lobby as if I were in no big hurry.  Yeah, right.  My panties were damp, my muscles taut from neck to ankles.  I needed to be touched by this man and soon.  I heard him ask if he could pay in cash and the clerk told him he could, but they needed the card on file just in case.  His attention to detail left me wondering again if this was something he’d done before.
    I guessed that it didn’t matter, because he was doing it now, so he was guilty.  Well, he wasn’t guilty yet…Fay wanted me to make sure he was guilty as hell.  And I started feeling bad again, because he and I seemed to share a weird connection, and I felt like I was exploiting it, like I’d found a spark and I’d blown on it to flame it up instead of letting it die out naturally as it should have.
    The clerk asked if he’d need more than one card key and he told her no.  I nodded, although the clerk didn’t even look at me.  “Enjoy your stay, Mr. Youngblood.”
    We got on the elevator and part of me expected him to grab me once the doors closed…but he didn’t.  We kept some distance between ourselves, but I could feel something heavy and electric between us and we were going to explode when we touched.
    It wasn’t long before we were walking down the hall, and his gait was faster than it had been walking through the parking lot.  I knew he was starting to feel as desperate as I was.  He found our room and slid the card into the slot.  The tiny LED light turned green and I heard the click as it unlocked.  He turned the handle and opened the door.  Once inside, he crammed the card into his back pocket and slammed me up against the door.  He couldn’t hold himself back anymore and I almost gasped, on the verge of an orgasm already.  But, for now, he pressed me to the wall, his hands on my shoulders, and kissed me hard.  Oh, yes.  That was a good kiss.  He was

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