Be Careful What You Wish For
wanted to feel him however he wanted.  I swallowed hard, searching his eyes.  I nodded, breathless, and wrapped my arms around him as his hands lifted me up and around his body.
    He walked over to the bed and set me down.  So far, he was being gentle.  Where was this aggressive, dangerous man who’d threatened to ravish me?  He was hovering over me , and he slid his hand up my skirt.  He yanked my panties down and then shoved his hand between my legs.  I gasped, my senses heightened. He touched me and I thought I would come with just one more stroke.  “Jesus.”  There was no question I was ready.  He pulled his wallet out of his back pocket and in seconds had a condom in hand.  I didn’t know how he was maintaining such control, but I was grateful.
    And then he slid inside me and I cried out.  Ooooooh …I don’t know that I’d ever felt that filled, that satisfied from a man’s cock before.  It was delicious.  I didn’t care if I came at that point or not, because the sensations I was experiencing were good enough.  “Mmm…God.”
    “Jesus…you feel incredible.”
    I gasped, unable to talk.  He pulled out then and I thought I would cry.  He hadn’t come, though, so I wasn’t sure what he was doing.  Why was he teasing me?  He rolled over and sat up, then patted his thighs.  He wanted me to sit on his lap.  So I did, and I wrapped my legs around his back.  Oh, that was hot and more intimate than I ever would have expected sex with a near stranger to be.  It didn’t take long before we got in a rhythm, and he kissed me again…slowly, luxuriously.  I inhaled a sharp breath and then I knew just one or two more strokes and I’d be a goner.  I gasped once and then… whew …then one of the most incredible orgasms I had ever experienced washed over me, flooded me with endorphins and left me reeling, feeling weak and unable to stop spasming.  My legs clenched around him, squeezing his cock, urging him to let go with me.
    Yeah, and I’m pretty sure his name came out of my mouth once or twice too.
    Then he came as well.  He moaned, his lips open on my neck just behind my ear, his hands holding me on the small of my back.  He let out a breath and then held me tightly, as though I were his only connection to the world.  I don’t know that I’d ever felt that close to any man after making love to him.  It made no sense, none whatsoever.  I was near tears, and it was even worse when I realized that I’d just jeopardized his marriage, and I’d done it for a few hundred dollars.
    I felt like Judas.

    Chapter Six
    AFTER WE MADE love the first time, we stayed in the same position, like a full-body hug, wrapped in each other’s arms for minutes, almost afraid to let go.  I pushed the dirty deed out of my mind, because when I forgot about that, I instead relished that I felt like I’d had an almost religious experience.  This man was someone special, and I was starting to think maybe his wife didn’t appreciate him.
    But I knew too that I didn’t know the whole story and should withhold judgment.
    Still…I couldn’t ignore the strength of the emotions flowing through me.  Something was going on here, something more than just sex.  I felt something on a whole other level, something more than simple lust.
    Finally, he looked at me and touched my face.  He was overwhelmed too, and I only figured it out because he didn’t say anything.  Instead, he just kissed me.  I finally unwrapped my legs from around him.  He removed the condom and then lay back, holding out his arms to embrace me.
    He dozed off, but I couldn’t sleep.  I was feeling too overtaken by the emotions coursing through me.  In such a short time, this man had moved me.  Before I’d actually met him, I’d determined that I was going to do my best to seduce him, and—aside from the guilt I couldn’t shake—I thought it would be easy, because he was attractive.
    Somehow, though, I knew he was

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