Bear with Me (Bear Mountain Patrol Series Book 1)

Bear with Me (Bear Mountain Patrol Series Book 1) by Sydney Addae Read Free Book Online

Book: Bear with Me (Bear Mountain Patrol Series Book 1) by Sydney Addae Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sydney Addae
keep her happy and ignorant of the truth of his dad’s death.
    “Well, I’ll be sure and pass that along. Don’t forget I’ll be there in two weeks. I’ll text my flight information.”
    “Is Tiffani coming?” That would surprise him. Unlike Tiana, Tiffani loved soirees, parties and hobnobbing with the upper crust. She expected to be treated like royalty and most of the dummies in her circles complied. The theory being if her mom bore cubs, she and Tiana would as well, which increased their standing in the community.
    “Maybe, she hasn’t said. Besides, she’s dating Jeremy and it’s getting serious. Their scents changed. Don’t be surprised if you have to come home soon for a mating party.”
    Tag whistled. “That serious?”
    “Yeah. He’s been getting really clingy lately, you know how you guys do when you protect your turf. She can’t even go to the bathroom without him hanging around the door to make sure no one talks to her.”
    “Uh, yours truly don’t do that stuff. Not even close. So back up with those generalizations.”
    “Whatever. When you fall, it’s going to be a loud crash.”
    Unable to envision ever behaving like the grizzles she spoke of he laughed. “I miss you brat, send me the information and I’ll dust the guest room.”
    “Deal. See you soon. Love you.”
    His heart clutched. “Same here.”

Chapter 5
    Ryan clicked off and exhaled as his chest loosened. “Harvesting?” he murmured frowning. What the hell was Dragon, no Tag, up to these days? He knew his friend quit the business after that last job in South America when he almost lost an eye but harvesting? He shook his head and stuffed the phone into his back pocket. In the quiet part of Ryan’s mind, he believed someone snatched Camilla from the park. How, in broad daylight with all the people at the park, he couldn’t imagine.  But with slavery and forced prostitution on the rise, he needed the best tracker in the country. He refused to think he would be too late or that she was permanently damaged. Closing his eyes he sent up another prayer for her safety.
    No one had a nose like his friend. If there were clues in the park, Tag would find them. Thinking of Tag’s hesitation, Ryan hated to push and if this was anyone other than Camilla, he wouldn’t have. It was evident the man had issues on top of issues. There were things about Tag that never quite added up. Ryan never pressed or intruded and Tag never explained how he could find an almond in a pond. They got along just fine though without knowing details, especially after their last job together.
    Back then, Tag led the team as tracker. As they neared their destination, he took off running faster than the wind, leaving Ryan behind with Cain. Gunfire erupted. By the time they caught up, Tag lay on the ground bleeding near a barbed, wire mesh between a few trees. Ryan received two bullets in his arm yet managed to drag Tag out of the line of fire until backup came. Ryan still wondered how they’d made it out alive. Those were the longest 15 minutes of his life.
    That job had been poorly planned, lacked proper resources and worse, Cain didn’t make it back home. When they returned stateside, the owner of the company and their former squad leader went ballistic on Tag, blaming him for the failure of the mission and Cain’s death. Instead of explaining why he broke protocol by running off or arguing that Cain knew what he signed up for, Tag quit and walked out.
    To this day, Ryan had no idea what actually happened. Tag shut down and refused to discuss it. The company refused to pay them the balance of their fees because of the number of casualties and their failure to retrieve the package, their main objective. That job left a stain on Ryan’s record and a bad taste in his mouth.
    When he spoke to Tag last year, his friend had bought a home. Or maybe a ranch, Ryan wasn’t sure. Tag had turned away all of Ryan’s requests to visit with weak excuses.

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