Beautiful Souls

Beautiful Souls by Sarah Mullanix Read Free Book Online

Book: Beautiful Souls by Sarah Mullanix Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sarah Mullanix
were incredibly too much commotion, for my assumption of the sounds being caused by a squirrel, to be accurate. My curiosity of the unknown got the better of me, as usual, and I was driven to find the cause of my distraction with the rustling sounds of leaves and autumn debris leading the way.
                       I stood from my bed, no longer able to concentrate, and walked over to my second floor bedroom window in an attempt to catch a glimpse of whatever had pulled me away from my concentration on school work; work that I was attempting so desperately to get finished in the shortest amount of time possible.
                       I pulled the curtains aside in order to get a clear view of the noisome intruder in my yard that had distracted my dedicated attention. I drew my face nearer to the windowpane and let out a silent gasp as I watched a dark swooshing blur speed off across the lawn and disappear around the corner of my house.
                       What the hell was that?
                       At least, I think I saw something running away. I barely caught a glimpse of the thing --- the thing --- and it all happened so quickly. I wondered if it could have just been the sun shining through my window, causing shadows and playing tricks on my eyes. It happened so fast. I couldn’t make out if the darkness I spied was even animal or human --- animal or human?
                       I stood stiff. I continued to peer through my window, another minute or so, searching and waiting for something, anything, to reappear.
                       Nothing happened. I saw nothing and heard nothing. I reluctantly turned, after several minutes of searching, and sat back down along side all my papers that were still strewn across my bed from the previous hours of study.
                       I reached over to my nightstand and grabbed my pop, took the last sip, then tossed it into the small trashcan at the end of my bed.
                       I contemplated what the dark blur could have been. Surely what I saw --- or thought I saw --- was just a dog, or maybe a coyote, that had ventured out of the woods for an afternoon stroll. Possibly it had been lead to my yard by a fresh scent of whatever animal it had been stalking. Perhaps the scent of a squirrel, rat, even a rabbit or raccoon. Sure that made sense , I told myself. A wild dog, or at the worst a coyote which we did see on regular occasions around our house. These were both definite and plausible possibilities.
                       The proximity of the woods to our home was so close that it was not unheard of to have wild animals appear in our yard quite often. My parents, for as long as I could remember, have always warned me to be on the lookout for such things during my frequent walks through the back woods.
                       A coyote. I’m sure that’s what I saw , I tried to convince myself.                    Relinquishing to the fact that my concentration had been fully broken --- and I knew it would be too much of a task trying to get it back --- I decided to take a snack break. I stood from the bed, leaving the scattered papers and opened textbooks scattered haphazardly across my comforter, then headed downstairs toward the kitchen.
                       “Hmm, what to eat, what to eat?” I whispered out loud to myself.
                       I sifted through the pantry shelves and found nothing appealing, so I made my way across the kitchen to the refrigerator. I opened the door and felt the frigid air hit my cheeks as I searched its contents.
                       “Some grapes, maybe?” I considered out loud again, taking a bit of joy in the fact that I was actually talking to myself.
                       I pulled out the bottom drawer

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