Bedding The Bodyguard

Bedding The Bodyguard by Virna Depaul Read Free Book Online

Book: Bedding The Bodyguard by Virna Depaul Read Free Book Online
Authors: Virna Depaul
Tags: Bedding the Bachelors Book 6
he’d been sculpted out of marble, the lines of his face and body sharp and masculine.
    It was like trying to look away from a priceless work of art in a museum.
    He headed into the kitchen and she watched his impressive backside disappear around the corner. Shaking her head to clear it, she used his phone to call the rental office. Again, there was no answer.
    “You like sandwiches?” he called from the kitchen.
    “Turkey with mayo and mustard?”
    She thought about all the men who’d wined and dined her at fancy restaurants over the years and smiled. “Perfect.”
    With a sigh, she settled back in her chair and closed her eyes, soaking in the peace and quiet.
    “Here you go,” he said a minute later.
    She blinked her eyes open. He handed her a paper plate with a sandwich on it. Their fingers touched and electricity raced through her veins. She wasn’t sure, but she thought he might have shuddered. Does he feel the connection too, then?
    “Thank you,” she said, putting the plate down in front of her and taking the coffee cup he offered next. “The rental office didn’t answer.”
    He nodded, then went back to his chair, sat down, and they ate in companionable silence.
    As refreshing as it was, it unnerved her how comfortable he was not talking. Wasn’t he at all curious about her? Did he find her attractive? Did it even enter his mind to ask if she was single? To ask her out? Was he waiting for her to make the first move in that direction? Did she want to?
    Yes, she did.
    She was gathering the courage to ask him if he was here alone, if he had a girlfriend, when she caught movement out of the corner of her eye. Bella was awake and stretching.
    “Well, look who’s up,” Luke said. “She must have smelled the turkey, little glutton.”
    Kat patted her knee. “Hi, Bella! Hi, girl!”
    Bella padded over and nuzzled right up against her. “Is she always so friendly or is this about the turkey?”
    “To be honest, the turkey probably helps.”
    “Can she have a little bite?”
    “Sure, if you want. Don’t let her pressure you into it though. I’m ashamed of you, Bella, begging in front of company.”
    Kat giggled. Bella didn’t look a bit ashamed, however, as Kat broke off a piece of her sandwich and put it in the dog’s mouth. “Luke—” she began, just as he stood to gather their plates.
    “Let me clean this stuff up. You’re welcome to stay a bit longer and read with me.”
    She hesitated, disappointment filling her. Maybe she’d just been imagining the connection between them. How strong could it be if he wanted to get back to his book again so quickly? Regardless, she found she wasn’t quite ready to return to her dark cabin. “Uh. Sure.”
    Your book, Kat. Concentrate on your book.
    She stared at the pages, not even seeing the words. Instead, she found herself once again thinking about her career and the benefits of giving it up. If she did, it would be easier to have more nights like this, sitting by a fire with a handsome man, reading books. But only until it was time to head to bed to do something far sexier than reading.
    She took a quick glance at Luke. Her eyes wandered over him. His strong jaw, broad shoulders, big hands and muscled thighs.
    She closed her eyes and pictured herself leading Luke into the bedroom, his big hand in hers. They’d look out on the canyon with the sparkling lights of the casinos in the distance, knowing they’d cast a glow across their bodies as they made love. She’d stand on her tiptoes and slide those little reading glasses off his face. Then she’d toss them onto the nightstand and lift her arms as he pulled her blouse off. He’d kiss her, sucking her lower lip into his mouth, tangling his tongue with hers. She’d feel his hard length against her hip, confirming how badly he wanted her. His strong hands would run down her back, his fingers kneading her flesh. She’d let her hips grind into him while she lifted the

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