Begin Again

Begin Again by Kathryn Shay Read Free Book Online

Book: Begin Again by Kathryn Shay Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kathryn Shay
she’d wanted to meet some men, so she added, “Yeah, let’s do it.”
    They exchanged phone numbers and Paulina went back to Nia’s table
    “Who’s that?” her sister asked.
    “A guy I met at first base. What did the flooring guy say?”
    “Vince Davidson. He asked me out.” Her brows knit. “I hedged again. I’m just not ready.”
    “Nia, this is the second time in a few weeks that you’ve been invited on a date. We talked about this. You have to try.”
    “Maybe.” She nodded to Steve. “He’s cute. But you never liked blond men.” “Thingschange. I’ve been trying to tell you that.” She thought of Steve and then of another blond, Adam Armstrong. She wondered how he was. She hadn’t heard from him since he’d made a suggestion about getting together. When she’d showed interest, he’d rebuffed her. It didn’t make sense. Paulina wished she could talk to Nia about that, but she didn’t feel comfortable doing so.
    Watching her childreneat their ice cream, she realized that a lot of things hadn’t made much sense since Donnie had died. And she was tired of that. She’d have to think of ways to counteract her attraction to the handsome architect. Maybe Steve Lowden was a start.

    Chapter 5
    “You can stop stewing now. We’re here.” Joe swerved into a parking space at the site the Metropolitan Music Hall would occupy and turned around. “I know you hate being late.”
    “Yes, but there was traffic. It wasn’t your fault. Are you staying for the ceremony?”
    “Wouldn’t miss it for the world. I can’t wait to see that little spitfire again.”
    Thatlittle spitfire
had been haunting Adam’s dreams, though he couldn’t figure out why.
    It had been two weeks since he’d met her, and he hadn’t heard from her since she’d emailed him
    Why would you? You shot her down
    That was true, though the reasons for it weren’t quite as definitive today as he’d felt then. She was still on his mind a great deal of the time.
    From a distance, Adamscanned the crowd that had already gathered. But he didn’t see Paulina. Was she late, too? There was the borough president of Queens, who among other things, made recommendations for land use and planning. Some people on the borough board he’d met. He recognized a secretary who was competent and quick to get back to him. She was talking to two women, one facing him, one in a tailored beige suit,with long, free-flowing hair down her back. He saw that the other was Paulina. Hair in a braid, as usual, wearing nondescript clothing.
    He strode to them. “Hello, ladies.”
    “Hello, Mr. Armstrong.” Up close, he was startled to see this wasn’t Paulina. She was her twin, Antonia
    The woman with her back toward him pivoted.
    And Adam startled. Speechless, he stared at her. This was Paulina.He recognized the tilt of her chin, the arch of her eyebrows, the full lips. What he hadn’t been prepared for were the skeins of blond hair in cascading curls down her back.
    “Adam?” she said, her hazel eyes darkening. “Are you all right?”
    “Yes, of course.” He cleared his throat. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to stare.”
    “At what?”
    Stepping closer, he went to reach for a few strands butthankfully realized the inappropriateness of the gesture, out here in public, with all these people around. Instead he pointed. “This.”
    “My hair?” Her lips parted as she gritted her teeth. “I could kill Nia. I didn’t have time to dry my hair—I hate being late—so I twisted it up with a clip. Nia thought it should be down for pictures. So she snatched the clip and hid it from me. Now it’s awild mess.”
    “Your hair is lovely.” He managed to compose himself and turned to Nia. “Why isn’t yours down?”
    “Too much bother. I like the braid. But she’ll be photographed today, and she should look beautiful.” Raising her chin, Nia finished, “She hates to fuss, so I decided for her.”
    “Whatever!” Paulina rolled her eyes.

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