Beginnings -Guardians of Vesturon [0.50]

Beginnings -Guardians of Vesturon [0.50] by A.M. Hargrove Read Free Book Online

Book: Beginnings -Guardians of Vesturon [0.50] by A.M. Hargrove Read Free Book Online
Authors: A.M. Hargrove
Tags: Teen Paranormal
made a joint decision to be united on the palace grounds, on the back terrace that overlooked the mountains. It was my favorite place at the palace and had quickly become Annalise’s. It was a surreal setting and an appropriate one for a unification ceremony.
    The event would take place in two months time, to be followed by a reception of moderate size. Annalise did not care to have anything too large and I wanted to defer to her in all the details.
    Several days passed before Voldruk made an appearance. We were on the very terrace where our ceremony would take place, discussing it intimately, when Voldruk announced his presence. With everything that had taken place in the last few days, I had not given Voldruk a thought. I felt a brief moment of regret when I saw him approaching Annalise and me.
    “So is this the commoner who has stolen your heart?” he asked in his annoying manner.
    Before I could even think, I was on him like lightning. I landed a punch across his jaw and as he dropped to the ground, I savagely boomed, “I Command you to Silence!”
    Voldruk’s body became rigid and his eyes darkened with panic.
    “Never, ever refer to my mate as a commoner again. She has more class in her little finger than you will ever have. Do I make myself clear?” I clamped my jaws together.
    Annalise rushed to my side and said, “Please, Rowan. You must release him.”
    My chest heaved in anger. How dare he speak to her in that manner? My eyes looked into hers and I saw her concern mired in their depths.
    “My love, I will not tolerate him speaking of you in such a way.”
    “Rowan, please! He is suffering and he is your best friend. I beg you to release him.”
    “Release,” I commanded.
    Voldruk’s body immediately went slack. He rolled to his side and lay in the fetal position, drawing in huge gulps of air. When he was recovered enough to move, he rolled to his back, casting his eyes on me. I could see apprehension clouding them. He slowly sat up and rubbed his jaw, his fingers inspecting the damage.
    When he was finally able to struggle to his feet, he looked at me and said, “Please forgive me, my lord. I meant no disrespect and will, in the future, refrain from ever using that term again. Please forgive me, Rowan.”
    “It is not I whom you should ask forgiveness from. It is Annalise. She was the one you so callously insulted. I mean it, Voldruk. I swear to you in front of the Deity Himself, if I ever hear a derogatory comment directed at Annalise, I will kick your bloody arse. I will not stand for that kind of behavior, even if you are my best friend. And you would be wise not to forget it.”
    “I give you my most solemn vow, Rowan,” he said. Turning to Annalise, he continued, “Please accept my deepest apology, my lady. The insult was inexcusable and I am dreadfully sorry for that,” he finished as he bowed to her in deference.
    “Thank you, Voldruk, and I accept your apology.” Annalise’s voice always sounded like music to my ears, as it did even now. I pulled her into me, encircling her in my arms, nuzzling her neck. I looked into her eyes again, to satisfy myself that her feelings had not been hurt by his remark.
    “Damn, Rowan, you certainly pack a punch!” Voldruk exclaimed, still massaging his jaw.
    I begrudgingly felt the corners of my mouth turn up. “Well, you’ve been long overdue that, my friend. I warned you that your remarks would one day be the death of you. You should have paid me some heed.”
    “No doubt you are correct, as always. I came to offer you my congratulations on your coup with the Elders. Well done, my friend. I did not expect to have my posterior kicked for it though!”
    His tone indicated there were no hard feelings between us. I would not have cared though, if he had resented me for my actions. What he said was completely unacceptable to me.
    “And I also hear congratulations are in order for something else?”
    “Yes, Annalise and I will be united

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