Beyond Control

Beyond Control by Karice Bolton Read Free Book Online

Book: Beyond Control by Karice Bolton Read Free Book Online
Authors: Karice Bolton
last ring, and I saw Brandy glaring at me through the glass, getting extremely frustrated. I smiled at her and picked up the phone.
    “Gabby speaking,” I said.
    “Gabby, I’m not going to go away that easily,” he teased, his voice lighting up the connection between us. “You’ll have to do better than that.”
    “Sorry. It was the phone system,” I muttered, quickly losing my mind as I felt his overconfidence wrap around me.
    “Sure it was.” I felt his smile come over the phone.
    “I’m not really into dating right now,” I said, attempting to regain control of the situation. I wasn’t going to let his sultry voice completely crumble my modus of operandi.
    “Huh. Really. Well, I generally don’t rule it out myself, but I’m pretty content right now as well... Just focusing on my builds and what not. So what time works best for me to drop off the bike on Saturday?” his voice charmed.
    Shittily dee!
    Mortified didn’t even cover what I was feeling right now. I can’t believe I thought he was going to ask me out. Now I look like a complete dweeb.
    “Are you still there?” he asked.
    “Yeah. Yes. Saturday works great,” I said.
    “I think we established that yesterday. I was only hoping to find out the time,” he said, completely delighted with the effect he was having on me. I could sense that much.
    “Oh, um. Late afternoon? Maybe three o’clock?” I barely chirped off.
    All I wanted to do was hang up and slide off my chair and under my desk. In speaking with him less than a handful of times, I’ve somehow managed to secure my image of a prissy ass who was completely presumptuous and overly sure of herself. And I’d like to think I wasn’t usually any one of those.
    “Great. I’ll see you then. Maybe we can do coffee after.” And he hung up the phone.
    Wait. What? Now he was just messing with me. That was it. Time to throw myself into the slew of emails that were waiting in my inbox about how to repeat last week’s sales this week.
    I tried to convince myself that I really did care about organic dairy products and began clicking through my inbox, determined not to give Jason another thought. But then my fingers began typing his name into Google.
    No! I was not going to become one of those who endlessly searched for images and tidbits about some guy I’d barely met. Closing out of Google, I let out a sigh and focused on my emails.
    Brandy paged me on the phone, and I glanced at the clock. I had been sifting through emails for a few hours, and I didn’t even realize it.
    “Ready for lunch?” she asked.
    I attached our results with a mini-synopsis, typed in my father’s email address, and clicked send. He always liked a weekly recap from all his divisions, and I wasn’t about to let the good news go unnoticed.
    “Yep. Let’s get out of here.” I ended the call and hopped up from my desk, feeling rejuvenated. Nothing like getting a shitload of work done before lunch even rolled around.
    She opened the door and gave me a big grin. “What do you feel like for lunch?”
    “Since it actually feels like summer,” I mused. “Let’s find a place with a patio.”
    “Sounds good to me. We could try that French bakery on the corner. They have sidewalk seating and their croissant sandwiches look scrumptious.” Her eyes sparkled with curiosity, and I knew what she really wanted to ask.
    I peeled off my sweater jacket and tossed it on the chair. If we were going to eat outside, I didn’t need it.
    “Perfect! I might have dessert for lunch. Someone came in a couple days ago with an éclair, and it looked so good.” I turned on my voicemail and followed Brandy out of my office.
    We found a table for two in the far corner of the café’s patio. It was right under one of the nice shade trees that were sprinkled along the sidewalk. I couldn’t imagine how sterile the city would be without them. I loved when Seattle began keeping the twinkle lights on the trees year round. I took a seat in

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