Beyond Death (Perimeter Defense Book #2)

Beyond Death (Perimeter Defense Book #2) by Michael Atamanov Read Free Book Online

Book: Beyond Death (Perimeter Defense Book #2) by Michael Atamanov Read Free Book Online
Authors: Michael Atamanov
But I'll repeat: I'm especially interested in drones. The mission is secret, and if anyone asks about the goal of your return to the Behemoth , say that you are looking for the remains of your soldiers. Is the mission clear?"
    "Yes, my Prince. We'll do it quietly and unnoticed. If needed, I'll even find scientists of my race to study these valuable trophies."
    I understood perfectly where the head of my guard was leading. Chameleons would also be very interested in Alien technology. In that, our goals aligned perfectly.
    "That is precisely what I wanted to offer your race. Chameleons are renowned for their ability to figure out technology and build duplicates. As it were, I have a need of just such an ability. I'll find a remote place where no one will be able to interfere with your research. I'll give you laboratories and all necessary equipment. I'll give you the necessary number of people to help and provide reliable security for the laboratories. Everything that results from the research will belong in equal measure to humanity and the Ravaash race. Later you can call your ambassador, Pandedede de Rua, and we can talk with him about all the concrete details of the agreement. And for now, hurry so you'll have time before the Imperial commission arrives."
    * * *
    I dined in the company of Kiro Sabuto and several ship officers, discussing present affairs and periodically reminiscing about yesterday's battle. We were talking about when the two Sledgehammers were firing on Joan the Fatty.
    "My Prince, would you not consider the option of transferring the fleet headquarters to a more appropriate and resilient ship?" asked the graying Major Anarip ton Dyme, responsible for the cruiser's electronics systems and the coordination of shield recharging connections in combat. "We were practically destroyed, after all. It was a miracle we got away. And then there wouldn't have been anyone in charge, and the whole fleet would have fallen apart..."
    "No, the fleet wouldn't have fallen apart. Admiral Kheraisss Vej would have taken over command and led us to victory," Kiro Sabuto disagreed. "Though it is true that the Fatty barely escaped yesterday."
    Everyone looked at me inquisitively. I then smiled self-consciously:
    "Yes, that really was a close call. I was basically counting on destroying one of the two enemies, then we would take out the second. We could be recharged by nine cruisers and the Surgeon . In ideal conditions, there shouldn't have been any complications. But the fact that the shield barely made it through one Sledgehammer strike... It looks like we still have work to do on fleet cohesion. The ships 'healing' us took too long to figure out what was going on and turn their attention from Bride of Chaos to the Fatty . And that delay practically became fatal."
    "I have gone over the timing of the events," Nicole Savoia said, not raising her eyes. "It only took us two and a half seconds from the strike to start healing."
    Everyone went silent, mulling over what they'd heard.
    "So, what do you say about moving to a stronger flagship?" Anarip ton Dyme repeated his question.
    "I don't especially see the point of temporarily transferring the headquarters to Bride of Chaos . The Uukresh will become our new flagship when it's done," I said, revealing my plans to my subjects for the first time.
    Kiro Sabuto took a look around and, after making sure that the team members eating at the tables next to ours wouldn't overhear our conversation, lowered his voice to a whisper:
    "My Prince, I heard there were difficulties with its repair, like there aren't enough materials?"
    "There's a lot that there isn't enough of," I agreed, also speaking in a whisper. "We need very high-capacity energy batteries, a thousand tons of armor panels made of special alloys for the chassis, heavy energy neutralizers, shield recharging modules, both for the Uukresh itself and neighboring ships... Almost all the necessary equipment has already been

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