BFF Breakup

BFF Breakup by Taylor Morris Read Free Book Online

Book: BFF Breakup by Taylor Morris Read Free Book Online
Authors: Taylor Morris
said, “We just texted a couple of times, but don’t say anything because I’m totally not supposed to have my phone.”
    â€œOh, okay,” Brooke said, looking a little bummed.
    â€œYou have to get a cell phone already,” I said, even though I knew she wouldn’t. “Maybe your parents will get you one for your birthday or Christmas or something.”
    â€œNot likely,” she said. “Abbey only just got hers and she’s three years older.”
    â€œGirls,” Mom called. She stuck her head—her perfectly coiffed head—in to my room and said, “Ready to go?”
    I waited a beat for her to notice my skirt, to tell me that it was too short or that I looked nice, but her eyes skimmed right over me and, in an instant, she was out the door and heading downstairs.
    In the kitchen, I grabbed a Pop-Tart from the cabinet.
    â€œBreakfast?” I said, offering one to Brooke.
    â€œMom and Dad made Abbey and me eggs and bacon this morning.”
    I rolled my eyes, following Mom to the garage. “And you seriously complain about your parents?”
    â€œWhat? They can be totally annoying.”
    I took a bite of the dry and crumbly Pop-Tart and said, “Right.”

    J UNIOR HIGH WAS OFF TO A SMASHING START. Mud is the new glitter, didn’t you know?
    I felt like a homeless person next to Madeline, who looked crisp and clean and girlie and nice. I was so miserable when I woke up that morning. More so than usual, because as anyone sane will tell you, morning is the absolute worst time of day. So I just sort of threw whatever on, and whatever happened to be light-colored jeans, which perfectlyaccentuated the brown splatters on the back of my legs. Très chic , no?
    Madeline usually made more of an effort than I do by wearing matching socks and cute earrings but today was a whole new level. She’d put real effort into her outfit. Maybe no one would notice my splatters because they’d be too busy looking at the length of her skirt.
    We weren’t out of the car for two seconds before she was waving at someone across the front lawn of the school. I hustled to keep up with her.
    â€œHiiiii,” she said to the girl who stood below the marquee, which read, WELCOME BACK STUDENTS! WELCOME NEW STUDENTS.
    â€œOh my god, you look so cute!” the girl gushed. “Did you go to Max and Jenny like I told you?”
    â€œBest advice ever,” Madeline said.
    While Madeline and that girl inspected each other’s clothes, I stood beside Mads feeling like the tag-along little sister. I should know because I have been that sister to Abbey on more than one occasion.
    â€œOh, I’m such a jerk!” Madeline finally said, turning to me. “This is my best friend, Brooke.”
    â€œHi.” I waved. “Cute headband.” Because it was kindof cute, even though I could never pull something like that off, not that I’d want to. Headbands with bows were way too prep school for me.
    â€œYou’re the snake girl, right?” she asked.
    â€œWhat?” I kind of laughed because I didn’t want to be rude but, huh ?
    â€œDidn’t you spot a snake at the river or something?” she asked, eyeing Madeline to back her up.
    â€œOh,” I said. “Yeah, at the creek.”
    â€œShe practically saved my life,” Madeline said. “I was about to step right on it!”
    â€œWhy were you hanging out in a creek anyway?” she asked with a slight wrinkle in her nose, like something stunk.
    â€œWhat’s your name again?” Okay, I knew her name before we even walked up to her but I couldn’t help myself. Was I being rude? Was she?
    â€œSusanna,” she said.
    â€œGotcha.” I took a good look at Susanna, and it wasn’t until then that I realized I was really in trouble. She wasn’t an average-looking girl. She was one of those girls. The kind whose hair is

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