Billionaire Romance: Club Billionaire (The Complete Series)
his eyes, narrow and cut deep beneath his
brow. I see a reflection within them. A reflection of my desire, my
need. And he can take it. Take me now, take me anywhere. I'm a mortal
standing in front of a God, unable to resist. And Alice's words echo
between my ears. This man is impossible to resist.
    His lips touch mine first.
    I feel myself being drawn up onto my toes, my heels
leaving the concrete floor, my mouth agape and waiting for his
tongue. It drifts inside, like a boat passing slowly under a bridge,
and begins working its way around the inside of my mouth.
Tentatively, my tongue joins his, and they dance together in the
    A fire consumes me. The feel of his lips, the touch of
his tongue, the gentle probing of his fingers at my hips; it all
sparks an inferno, a blaze from within. I feel my pussy grow wet and
warm. Waking up from a slumber that's lasted too long. Yearning for
the feel of his tongue, his fingers, his dick. Preparing for the
    I want to reach down, grab him below, but something
holds me back. Something that tells me he's the one in control. That
I'm nothing but a pawn in his game. A toy for him to enjoy.
    The feeling overwhelms me. The wealth, the power, of the
man locked to my lips. He can do anything to me. Do anything to
anyone. I'm an ant next to him, an insignificant life-form, at his
mercy, bowing to his desires.
    His lips become more frantic, and I notice the change in
his breathing – faster, shorter. His hands grow more busy, sliding
up my hips, my sides, reaching my hair, brushing through it. He takes
a light grip, pulls my head back. There's a tiny dart of pain through
my scalp, but the look in his eyes makes me forget it. A sensual look
of rabid lust. Eyes so narrow they're nothing but slits, like a
hunting cat staring at its prey.
    I'm your prey.
    I dare to glance down at his crotch. Beneath his pants
is a bulge, his cock growing and fighting to escape. He follows my
eyes down, then drops his large, strong hand onto the top of my head.
The instruction is clear.
    I slowly drop to my knees, set my fingers free on his
zipper. I'm trying to be sexy, trying to take it slow, but my hands
are shaking, my tremulous fingers overacting. I unbuckle his belt.
His zipper comes down. His cock, enclosed beneath tight black
underwear, springs forth from its cage.
    When my fingers brush over it, I feel a shudder through
his legs. I grip the elastic top of his underwear and peel it down,
releasing the tip of his dick. I gulp, sucking air at the sight as I
reveal it fully. He's not fully erect, but already I can tell he's
big. The end throbs, silently moving up and down as blood rushes into
it, filling it up, preparing it for what's to come.
    Now I hear his words, coming at me through a haze. “Do
you like what you see,” he asks, staring down at me. I look up, my
eyes large like a doll, and smile, breathless. He doesn't need me to
    I feel his hand on my head once more, and slowly,
surely, he guides me forward. I need no coaxing. Not with him. I
quickly run my tongue over my lips, lubricating them, and feel his
dick slide inside me, hardening with every second, creeping to the
back of my throat.
    The groan that escapes his mouth is audible. It makes me
feel powerful myself. Pleasure, it seems, is also power, wielded by
those capable of giving it.
    It's my first blowjob in months. But it's something I've
always enjoyed. I've always been more of a giver than a taker. More
happy to please than be pleased. But few dicks are as delicious as
this. As beautifully formed, like something from a Greek statue, only
    My tongue notes every ripple of skin, every throbbing
vein. I reach and hold the base, pulling back and forward, devouring
him as his breathing intensifies, his strong thighs shudder.
    My own thighs warm further, and I can't help but slip a
hand down as I work on him. My fingers dig beneath my skirt, brushing
through my shaven pussy, probing at my clit. I massage both him

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