Billionaire’s Quarry: A Billionaire, Bad Boy, Romance (An Alpha Billionaire Romance Boxed Set)

Billionaire’s Quarry: A Billionaire, Bad Boy, Romance (An Alpha Billionaire Romance Boxed Set) by Michelle Love Read Free Book Online

Book: Billionaire’s Quarry: A Billionaire, Bad Boy, Romance (An Alpha Billionaire Romance Boxed Set) by Michelle Love Read Free Book Online
Authors: Michelle Love
preparing myself to get bitched out. “That’s smart of you, Mercy. Very smart. You seem like a smart woman.”
    “I am,” she says with not one word after that.
    She just states a fact and stops, so I ask, “Are you always so professional?”
    “Of course not,” she says, sounding very professional. “I know how to act appropriately in many kinds of ways. Our relationship is a business one so I will remain on a professional level with you, Mr. Hurst.”
    “I am never going to your spa as a client again, Mercy. So you can lose that tone with me.”
    “Look, I know you’re probably a very nice man. I’m just not available right now. It’s nothing about you. I’m not trying to play hard to get in order to entice you. I’m merely unavailable. Can you understand that, Jude?”
    She called me by my name! Now this is progress!
    “Why don’t you tell me why you are unavailable, and I will tell you if I can understand that or not. And thank you for finally saying my name. It sounds sweet coming out of your mouth,” I say and lay back on my pillows.
    Talking to her as I lay in bed reminds me of my high school days. Talking to a girl on the phone before I was old enough to simply bring them home with me or stay at their place or take them to a hotel room. It takes me back to simpler times.
    “I just am. I don’t like to talk about myself. You can understand that, can’t you?” she asks with a sweet lilt to her slight southern accent.
    “Did you grow up here in Dallas?”  I ask her as I just have to put a place to that accent she has.
    “No, I grew up in a tiny town called Utopia. It’s in the southern part of central Texas. Have you ever heard of it?” she asks.
    I settle into the pillows and reach over to pick up the beer I’ve been nursing as I’ve been waiting for her to call me. To be honest I had to give up and call her. Not a thing I usually do once I’ve put out a text to call me.
    I have a lot of pride after all!
    “I have heard of it. So when did you move to Dallas?” I ask and take a sip of the beer, finding it warm now and get up to go get me a cold one from the mini-fridge in my bedroom.
    “My parents and I moved here a little over four years ago. My older sister had gotten married and moved here with her husband. They met in college. They both went to The University of Texas. She was a cheerleader and he was a football player and they fell in love very quickly. Anyway, they got married after they graduated and when she became pregnant, we all felt like we wanted to be closer to them. To enjoy the baby, you know.”
    “I do,” I say. “Who doesn’t want to enjoy the new baby in the family? So that brought you here to our fair city then. And how long do you plan to live here?”
    “I’m not sure. I suppose for at least the next sixteen years. I do like my job. It pays well and I should stay in one place,” she says.
    “Why do you need to stay in one place for sixteen years?” I ask as that sounds odd to me.
    “Um, oh.” She’s quiet for a moment and I find myself freezing in front of the little fridge in a panic.
    Shit! I’ve hit a soft spot with her. “Not that it’s any of my business. So let’s go on to another subject. When I accepted your friend request I went to your page and noticed you haven’t used it in a long time. Why not take a selfie and put it up there so I can see your gorgeous face?”
    “I’ll think about it. I’m too busy to get on it. I think it was a little over two years ago when I was on it last. I use the site for the spa now. I post a lot on that site,” she says.
    “Nothing personal, though,” I say as I pull out a beer and pop the top open and go back to my bed.
    “No,” she says. “Personal things aren’t meant to go on that site.”
    “So who does know you, personally?” I ask then take a drink of the cold beer.
    “Not many. I’m just so busy with work and…” she just stops talking.
    “And?” I ask.
    “Work, that’s all. I’m

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