Bitter Blood (Blood and Moonlight Book 3)

Bitter Blood (Blood and Moonlight Book 3) by Cynthia Eden Read Free Book Online

Book: Bitter Blood (Blood and Moonlight Book 3) by Cynthia Eden Read Free Book Online
Authors: Cynthia Eden
that touch singed him. “You be his friend. You stay close to him. And if you see him crossing a line…” Her breath whispered out. “Stop him.”
    “That’s easier said than done.” Like stopping an alpha was child’s play.
    “I’ll see what else I can learn. I’ll scry. I’ll check my books. We
fix this. Aidan is a good man. And Jane isn’t going to let him go into the darkness.” For an instant, he could actually feel the swirl of magic around them. He stared into Annette’s eyes and saw her gaze go distant, as if she were watching something he couldn’t see. “She’d follow him into the darkness,” Annette murmured. “Long before she ever surrendered him.”
    That didn’t make him feel better. It made him worry even more.
    Annette watched Paris as he drove away. His shoulders had slumped as he left the Voodoo Shop, as if he carried a terrible burden.
    He did.
    Paris was right to be afraid. All of the wolves should be afraid. A change was coming, she could practically feel it in the air. She went back inside, making sure to shut and lock the door behind her. She wasn’t in the mood for tourists that day. Didn’t feel like making love potions or telling of what fates might come.
    She almost wanted to hide because the danger she felt…it was that consuming.
    Annette headed into the back of the shop—into the room that was her haven. Her steps quickened and—
    “I was starting to think the wolf would never leave.”
    She stilled.
    The man who’d been waiting for her—the
who’d arrived to visit her just moments before Paris appeared on her doorstep—lifted one brow. “What? You knew I was waiting.” Vincent Connor smiled at her.
    Yes, she’d known he was hiding out of sight, but Paris hadn’t so much as scented the vamp, a bad thing. Werewolves were supposed to have the best noses in the world. “You really do have some powerful magic.” Or rather, she suspected he had one very powerful witch working for him.
    Vincent laughed. “It’s just a little trick to disguise my scent. And if I didn’t move, I knew the wolf wouldn’t hear me. It’s not like Paris is an alpha.”
    No, but Paris was still plenty strong and dangerous. There was a reason he was the alpha’s assassin.
    Vincent lifted both of his hands and put them in front of his body. A gesture that she knew was supposed to show he was no threat.
    Too bad she always believed vamps were threats.
    “Despite what the alpha believes, I am really not here to hurt anyone. I don’t know how many times I have to say it but…not all vamps are monsters. We aren’t all driven mad by bloodlust. Born vampires—vamps like me, vamps like Jane—we stay in control. We were meant to be this way. It’s only the ones who are transformed that go mad. And really, how can you blame them? They are becoming something that nature never intended. Humans weren’t meant to be vampires. They can’t handle that kind of power.”
    She scooped up a few chunks of broken glass. “What about werewolves?”
    His hands fell. “I heard what Paris said.”
    I know you did.
    “And I’ve maintained, all along, that Jane and Aidan never should have been involved. Vamps and werewolves aren’t meant to be together. I’m afraid that when Jane tries to leave him, Aidan won’t be quite…sane about it.”
    Now she was the one to laugh, a shocked laugh of disbelief. “You actually think Jane will leave Aidan? She loves him.”
    “Love isn’t always enough. Especially where monsters are concerned.” He paced closer to her and his index finger tapped against her fist, the fist that she’d made over the chunks of glass. “So that’s what became of your magic mirror.”
    Her eyes turned to slits. The guy was
    “Too bad. I think we could have all used your foresight about now.” He exhaled. “How are we supposed to stop the threats, if we never see them coming?”
    Such a very good question.
    His hand slipped away from hers.

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