Black Coven (Daniel Black Book 2)

Black Coven (Daniel Black Book 2) by E. William Brown Read Free Book Online

Book: Black Coven (Daniel Black Book 2) by E. William Brown Read Free Book Online
Authors: E. William Brown
extended maybe a hundred feet past the end of the covered dry dock, putting the end barely within bowshot of the city wall. Beyond that was nothing but the flat expanse of frozen river, thick ice covered in two or three feet of snow.
    Was there movement on the far shore? The trees there cast long shadows in the late afternoon sunlight, making it hard to be sure.
    “If you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to my other duties now. I’m sure the prince will send someone to check on your progress tomorrow.”
    With that the man disembarked from the transport, and hurried off down the pier towards town. Cerise and Avilla immediately emerged from the back to peer over my shoulder.
    “Well, this sucks,” Cerise commented.
    “Oh dear,” Avilla fretted. “Now what are we going to do?”

Chapter 3
                  “You know, I’m not sure whether to take this as an insult or a compliment.”
                  Cerise frowned. “What do you mean? He’s trying to screw us, right?”
                  “Well, if I were lying about my earth magic this would be a serious problem,” I agreed. “But then I’d be trying to swindle the prince, so paying me with a worthless patch of water in the middle of the river would be a reasonable response. On the other hand, if I’m really some kind of super earth wizard then raising an island should be no problem for me, and thawing the harbor will turn this into a nice defensive position. Not to mention it means that if I build some kind of giant castle it’ll strengthen a weak spot in Kozalin’s defenses while still being conveniently outside of the city.”
                  “You really think he came up with all that on the spur of the moment?” She asked skeptically. “I bet he’s just a giant dick.”
                  I chuckled. “Important people usually are. But he struck me as the devious type. Not the kind of man who goes around randomly screwing with people for no particular reason.”
                  “Can you do it, Daniel?” Avilla asked worriedly. “I thought you had to touch the earth to work magic on it, or at least be close to it.”
                  “Yeah, this is going to take some doing. Cerise, I want you to organize a shopping expedition while I’m working. Take at least four guards with you, but see if you can find a shop that sells any of the things Avilla needs.”
                  “I should do that,” Avilla protested.
                  “No way,” Cerise replied. “You need to rest, sweetie. You’re not up to walking all over the city.”
                  The pretty blonde sighed. “I suppose. I hate being so weak.”
                  Cerise hugged her. “Hey, it won’t be for much longer. You just need to get some sugar and a little honey in you, and you’ll be back to normal. Right?”
                  “Right.” Avilla smiled weakly.
                  Technically they could have used one of the transports, but I didn’t mention the idea. I wanted Avilla where I could keep an eye on her until she recovered, and if there was trouble Cerise was safer without a noncombatant to worry about. Not to mention that she wasn’t exactly a cautious driver, and sending her out to wander the city in a transport was just asking for someone to get run over. So instead I saw her off with an escort of liveried men at arms and a couple of the peasant women who knew their way around a kitchen, and turned my attention back to the problem at hand.
                  I had maybe an hour and a half until sunset, and once the light faded anything might decide to sneak across the frozen river and take a shot at us. It was pretty windy out here too, and the temperature would drop fast at night. Not to mention that the overcast sky could deliver another snowstorm at any moment. So, what could I do

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