Black Jack

Black Jack by Rani Manicka Read Free Book Online

Book: Black Jack by Rani Manicka Read Free Book Online
Authors: Rani Manicka
by Seconal. Bring to the forefront Shekina. Shekina, I command you to take the body now.’
    The girl’s eyes opened. Bright and alert. ‘Hello, Commandant,’ she greeted quietly.
    ‘Hello, Shekina.’

“Who Killed Cock Robin?”
“I,” said the Sparrow,
“With my bow and arrow,
I killed Cock Robin.”
     - ‘Who killed Cock Robin?’,
Tommy Thumb’s Pretty Song Book (1744)
     ‘There are hidden eyes watching us, Commandant,’ she warned.
    ‘Don’t concern yourself. It’s only Kite, Rook and Fish.’
    She looked into his cruel face. A voice in her head said, beware nursery rhymes - they aren’t what they seem.
    ‘You bury things. Are you Owl, Commandant?’
    One corner of Schooner Klaus’s mouth lifted in admiration. He had taught her well.
    ‘If I have been brought into a room with Owl, Kite, Rook, and Fish, who am I?’
    His lips twisted. ‘Don’t disappoint me now. There is only ever one role for you.’
    ‘But of course.’
    ‘And Cock Robin, who is he?’
    ‘It does not matter who or what Cock Robin is. What matters is that you will come face to face with him. He could be a life form so terrifying and malevolent that even the sight of him will kill or drive insane ordinary human beings. However, your exhaustive training has seen to it that even in a situation of direct conflict you will display nothing but valor in the performance of your job. Can I count on you?’
    ‘Good. Now, about the being from your data collection trip yesterday. If, as you inferred, it needs humans to do something for it, then it must require contact with one.’
    ‘It does.’
    ‘So why not you?’
    ‘Incompatible vibrational frequency.’
    ‘Are you not able to change your frequency?’
    ‘Why not?’
    ‘The frequency bridge to him is a purified heart.’
    ‘A pure heart?’ He frowned. ‘Are you sure?’
    ‘Absolutely. The human, whoever he or she is, must possess a very high vibration. Like a monk, a priest, or a holy man. Perhaps even a nun.’
    ‘Understood. When the being gets in contact with that someone, will you be able to identify that person?’
    ‘Why not?’
    ‘I can only remote view those that are of similar or lower responsibility than me. Unless he or she gives me permission I cannot go there or I will self-destruct.’
    Schooner Klaus thought for a moment. ‘Will you be able to contact someone connected to this person, if he or she is of a lower vibration?’
    ‘If significantly lower, yes.’
    Schooner Klaus smiled. ‘Good. Then, that is exactly what you will do. You will find the bad apple. Tomorrow you will begin to look for this worm-infested fruit and you will not stop until you find him or her. Is that understood?’
    ‘Yes, Commandant.’
    ‘Anything else you want to tell me?’
    She shook her head.
    ‘Can you tell what I am thinking, Shekina?’
    She stared into the orbs of gray - they were like wet glass, so easy to slip on - and saw a brick wall as long as it was high. Immediately, as she had been hypnotically instructed to do, she gave up and turned her back on the wall. ‘No.’
    ‘Good,’ he said, and yet he regarded her critically. She had been programmed to be too morally and socially superior. The project needed a different approach, a softer alter. ‘When you do find the holy person, I don’t want you to interact with that person. I want you to slip away and let Winter take the body. Winter, and Winter alone, must deal with that person. Are your instructions clear?’
    ‘You understand, of course, that Dakota must be protected from all this. She is weak and not as clever as you. It would only upset and confuse her. You know how much she has already suffered. No need for more.’
    Shekina nodded in agreement.
    ‘Good, now go back into the mind,’ he said, and made the keying gesture to send her away. He let a moment pass, and then he touched the girl in the hollow of her throat. ‘I call

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