Blackwaters: A Kate Reid Novel (The Kate Reid Series Book 4)

Blackwaters: A Kate Reid Novel (The Kate Reid Series Book 4) by Robin Mahle Read Free Book Online

Book: Blackwaters: A Kate Reid Novel (The Kate Reid Series Book 4) by Robin Mahle Read Free Book Online
Authors: Robin Mahle
far downstream. If the victim had still been alive, the body would have remained at the bottom of the swamp for some time, having ingested water into the lungs,” Dwight began. “While I’m confident water did eventually enter the lungs, the reason the body traveled the distance it did was because of the gasses in the abdomen that formed almost immediately upon her death. Probably kept her afloat before water found its way in. She went down for a while further along the line until the bacteria in her gut continued to grow and so did the gasses.”
    “That’s right, Agent Jameson,” Lyons said. “Buoyancy is inevitable unless one was tied down with bricks and, even then, sometimes that’s not enough.”
    “Okay, so the first victim was discovered quite a ways from the suspected initial disposal site. What about the second victim? I think you mentioned she was found sooner and not as far downstream,” Kate said.
    “We’re waiting on confirmation from the coroner, but the victims matched too closely to be a coincidence. Similar features, hair color, very slender. Aged, we believe, to be between twenty and twenty-five.” This time, it was Faulkner who spoke.
    “The cause of death in both victims wasn’t drowning by your own admission. If that wasn’t the cause of death,” Kate said. “Then what was?”
    » » »
    Jim Lasseter was the field coordinator of NCAVC (National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime). He was Nick’s boss’ boss. BAU field agents ultimately fell under his direction, and while Nick admired the man, he’d grown impatient by his lack of decision-making with regards to the matter at hand.
    The problem, as far as Nick was concerned, was Agent Hughes. He’d testified before the review group that Nick had no cause to shoot the suspect, that the man hadn’t raised his weapon.
    It was a crock of shit from Nick’s perspective. Hughes arrived after the girl had fallen and both he and the suspect believed she was dead. Nick knew what he saw and he saw the suspect raise his gun, ready to fire. Nick put him down just as Hughes would’ve done. Hell, any of them would have done the same. However, if Nick was being honest with himself, he’d admit that he couldn’t be sure the man was about to fire on him. No matter how many times he told himself, he only remembered looking at the girl, believing she was gone and that the suspect had been the one to kill her. So he shot his weapon—it was a split second decision. Agent Hughes just happened to approach at that very same moment.
    Lasseter arrived at the restaurant where Nick waited. He had been twenty minutes late and spotted Nick at one of the tables next to the window. The view of the fountain in DuPont Circle was just outside and Nick watched as a couple embraced for a kiss while the girl was trying to take a selfie. Nick turned away, vexed by the act. Maybe it was because he was on the downhill side of forty and just didn’t get it, but it seemed people were living their lives through a lens. He doubted that if people knew what he faced almost daily they’d be so casual about life and making sure they looked good on Facebook.
    “Agent Scarborough.” Lasseter pulled out the chair opposite Nick’s. “How are you? You’re looking well rested.”
    Hungover might have been a better word for it, but Nick didn’t correct his boss. “All things considered, I guess I’m doing all right.”
    “Of course. I understand.” He raised a finger to get the waitress’ attention. “Have you ordered yet?”
    Nick just shook his head.
    “What can I get for you two gentlemen today?” The woman was older than one might expect for holding a job such as this, at least around here. This was Washington, a place where people were either on the rise—aspiring politicians, lawyers, federal agents—or people who were already at the top. Middle class didn’t seem to exist in D.C. proper. Not to mention that it was far too expensive a

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