Blazer Drive

Blazer Drive by Sigmund Brouwer Read Free Book Online

Book: Blazer Drive by Sigmund Brouwer Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sigmund Brouwer
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invasion. He thought the American flag would not be standing at dawn. Still, against overwhelming odds—”
    I didn’t hear the rest. I’d never been called to the office before. Was I in trouble? Had an emergency happened at the ranch?
    As soon as the bell rang, I hurried to the office. The secretary handed me a message. I read it once. I read it again.
    Then I ran to a pay phone down the hall.

Chapter Thirteen
    â€œDad,” I said into the telephone, “glad I caught you at the house.”
    â€œActually,” he said, “I picked up the extension in the workshop.”
    I could picture where he was standing. The workshop was a big heated building behind the barn. On a ranch as big as ours, there is a lot of equipment—trucks, tractors, and a small bulldozer. We had a full-timemechanic who had plenty of repair work to keep him busy.
    Dad would be standing at the front of the building, near the large tool bench. The old-fashioned black telephone had a dial instead of numbers to punch.
    â€œWhere are you?” he asked. “I hear strange noises in the background.”
    â€œAt school.” The strange noises were the regular sounds of students laughing and talking as they moved down the hallway.
    â€œI’m sorry you wasted a quarter to call,” he said. “We don’t know much more than we did last night. There’s still no sign of Ernest. Lloyd says he didn’t even collect the pay we owe him.”
    Lloyd is the ranch foreman. Dad lets him do most of the hiring.
    â€œBut I’ve got our accountant trying to find out more about Ernest,” Dad said.
    Despite my news, I was curious. Last night, Dad had agreed Ernest might have had something to do with Big Boy’s death. Dad had promised to let me know what he could find out about the man.
    â€œAccountant?” I asked.
    â€œNot too many people can get through modern life without leaving a paper trail,” Dad said. “Credit reports, charge cards, all that stuff. An experienced money person can find out just as much about a person as a detective.”
    He paused. “By the way, hang on to your quarters. I promise as soon as I learn anything I’ll call you.”
    â€œDad—that’s not why I called,” I said.
    â€œIs everything okay? You haven’t gotten into a car accident, have you?”
    I laughed. “Am I speaking to my mom?”
    â€œVery funny. So why did you call?”
    â€œCoach Price left me a message,” I said. I took a deep breath. “I called him. He told me the Buffalo Sabres want me to play a few games with them in the National Hockey League.”
    â€œWhat!” He sounded like we had just won a lottery.
    I felt the same way.
    â€œIt’s true,” I said. The Buffalo Sabres had drafted me at the end of last season. Because I was having such a good season, they had called Coach Price this morning. “The Sabres have a good lead in the race for the play-offs right now, and they want me to experience a couple of NHL games.”
    Dad gave a rodeo yell into the telephone.
    I wanted to do the same back. But there were too many kids in the hallway.
    â€œI’m proud of you, Josh. When?”
    â€œSaturday. They’re going to fly me from Vancouver to Los Angeles Saturday morning for the game against the Kings.”
    â€œThis Saturday?” he asked.
    â€œThis Saturday,” I said. “The day after tomorrow. It’s part of their road trip to the West Coast. Sunday is a day off. On Monday I’ll play with them against the San Jose Sharks in a televised game.”
    Another rodeo yell. “That’s great news,” he said. “Wait till I tell the boys out here.”

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