Blindfolded by Breanna Hayse Read Free Book Online

Book: Blindfolded by Breanna Hayse Read Free Book Online
Authors: Breanna Hayse
exposed to his view as she fought to keep her thighs closed tight. She squeezed her eyes closed beneath the blindfold, trying to picture what room she was in and upon what surface she was resting. It was not a bench, that she deduced, but it seemed to be a large platform raised at least two feet from the floor. It was smooth and cold; like the marble he described earlier. In the heat of the day, and the warm breezes wafting over her skin through open windows, it felt good.
    She swallowed as he grasped both her wrists in his hands and slid her fully upon the surface so that her legs were no longer dangling. He then secured her wrists to something so that she was unable to lower her arms. After placing a thin pillow beneath her head, he kissed her gently, grasped the collar of the shirt and, in one easy motion, tore it open straight down the middle.
    “No… Please…” Regan began to panic.
    “Sweetheart,” his low drawl echoed, “have you ever written about rape or violence?”
    “No! Never! But…please, let me go… Please.”
    “I will make a deal with you. Allow me this moment to prove that I will not harm you. If you do, I will give you the choice to return to your sad, mundane life or to stay here and complete this journey with me.”
    “Will I ever see or hear from you again?” Regan found herself asking.
    “Never. Deal?”
    “What if I say no? What if I want you to let me go right here and now?”
    “Is that what you want? What you honestly desire?”
    “Then answer this one question… Why are you so wet?”
    Regan again felt the tingling flush run across her body. She could not explain why this unseen stranger had her so titillated and curious. Nothing made any sense to her at that moment.
    Gathering her courage, Regan made a choice. “Alright. I really have nothing to lose anymore,” she relented, shrinking in defeat. “It's a deal.”
    She could sense his smile, and he ran his hand over the length of her torso and down her thighs. Goosebumps rose on her skin as his fingers touched her with feathery likeness, and she felt his absence as he pulled away. A dim ringing sound penetrated her senses; a low hum after a loud clang of metal. She could feel the object come closer to her and then touch her mid-section. The vibration tingled against her skin, and he gently traced it around her torso and ribs. It felt strange but not unpleasant.
    The loud clang was repeated, and the vibrating metal of a tuning fork traced the outside of her breasts, making her nipples ache with desire. She wanted it to touch her pebbly little mounds! She could not resist straining towards the sensation, nor could she ignore the sudden gush of moisture escaping from between her legs.
    There was a third clang and the cold metal resumed its path, coming closer to the hungry center of her breasts. Regan was squirming now, her need to be touched overwhelming. Closer and closer the vibrating fork came, its low vibrato sending tremors through her body. It traced the outer edges of her aureoles, teasing her, beckoning her to it.
    “Ask, Regan.”
    A fourth clang; the vibrations filled her. Words whimpered from her mouth, “Please, touch me. Please.”
    “Say my name.”
    “I need… oh God… Master Jay, please touch me!”
    “That's my girl,” he praised, bringing the tuning fork within millimeters of her protruding right nipple. She could feel the vibration with it being so close, but it was not enough. She arched quickly, allowing it to touch her. An explosion of pleasure was her reward, and she yelled out her delight as an orgasm rocked her body, causing her to buck against the hard, cold flooring. Sweat covered her body as she continued to shudder uncontrollably, finally collapsing. The cold surface now soothed her hot body.
    “That was… Wow,” Regan panted, trying to catch her breath.
    He ran his hand over the satiated breast, then leaned forward to place his warm lips around the sensitive nipple.

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