Blood and Royalty

Blood and Royalty by M. R. Mathias Read Free Book Online

Book: Blood and Royalty by M. R. Mathias Read Free Book Online
Authors: M. R. Mathias
but Blaze batted it from the sky with his long, sinuous tail. March let his anger rise and felt the heat rise from the medallion he wore around his neck. He felt his eyes grow hot, and then he vomited forth a pulse of scarlet energy that engulfed all the mudged it impacted. The heat of his eyes grew, and then suddenly rays were shooting, slicing meat from bone, and searing wing from wyrm anywhere and everywhere the fine streams of angry power touched.
    In less than a minute, there were half as many mudged in the sky as there had just been.
    We’ve a chance, Aikira sang, as Golden carried her out of her protective field and into the battle-filled sky.
    March’s eye rays extinguished their rageful burst, and he was just about to agree with her. Then the sky beyond the battle opened up. Coming through this portal was King Richard, sitting proudly on his Nightshade, with at least thrice the number of mudged that had just attacked. These were all flying in organized, ranked formation behind him.
    March was still battling the mudged over the city and felt his heart sink when Richard didn’t send the newly arrived wyrms down into the fray. Instead, Richard positioned the huge, hovering swarm in such a way as to blot out the sun from the whole of the battle.
    March swallowed hard and took in a deep breath. His rage was boiling over again, and this time, when fine crimson streaks burst from his eyes, he scanned row, after row, after row of Richard’s obedient wyrms, and in a matter of seconds ended a hundred or more of them. A whole series of bright lime green webbings crawled across the ordered ranks hovering above the other end, and a third of them flared bright yellow as they were incinerated into mist in an instant.
    It was only then that March saw Richard snarl down at them and raise his left fist. His hand was full of cold, grey dragon tears, and in his right fist was a single dragon’s tear, larger even than Clover’s. A hum filled the air, as if all the power were being drawn out of everything around them, then a blast erupted from Richard that left a crater the size of ten ships in the city’s heart and sent everyone, even the Dragoneers, tumbling away from the ring of force that came flaring outward.
    Clover was leery. Eventually, Crimzon admitted he had healed her before her arm came out of the box, but the two of them were baffled by Milly. Clover understood now that the Dragoneers, maybe even the wrecking of the Dogma, were a product of her will. After pondering what Princess Amelia had said, and confirming with Crimzon the truth of it, she was on Amelia’s side, no matter the outcome. If Crimzon had helped her pass before, he had a reason, or maybe a belief in her. In her eyes, Crimzon was not just an alpha dragon, he was the alpha dragon. His wisdom, and his mamra’s, which they’d garnered through the teardrop she’d shed for them, was the wisdom she would never question. Clover believed that with her very soul.
    They used a teleportal and arrived not long after leaving the sky over Clover’s castle. As Crimzon carried them down through the protective field that covered the elven sanctuary, the air went from frigid to spring-like in an instant. All three of them, especially the huge fire dragon, had to shiver off the cold. Once they’d acclimated themselves with a few slow circles of the warmer sky, they landed before an alert escort of metallic-haired elves ranging from engrossingly beautiful to gnarled and crab-like. All of them shied away from the group, but Clover was certain they were shying away more from Amelia than from her, or her dragon, this time.
    “Please, follow us,” asked one of the most beautiful women Clover had ever seen, as she nodded and started them on the forest trail that would lead them to the Heart Tree.
    They rose on the platform, and all eyes were on the pallid girl with hair the color of blood standing beside Clover. They passed the bloom of a dangling ultraphlora

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