Blood Brothers

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Book: Blood Brothers by Patricia Hall Read Free Book Online
Authors: Patricia Hall
Tags: British Detectives
site at Tottenham Court Road, the one there was all the fuss in the newspapers about. They obviously hoped he was going to disappear under tons of concrete but a digger turned him up before it was poured. Could be a victim of one of the gangs but we’ve no ID yet. I’ll keep you informed.’
    Amis got to his feet and tucked his uniform cap under his arm. ‘I’ll have a look round while I’m here,’ he said. ‘Good for the troops to see the top brass occasionally. Keeps them on their toes.’ He gave Jackson the thin smile of a hungry tiger. ‘I’ll let you know when Copeland will be arriving in CID. Arrange a briefing tomorrow, will you, and I’ll give them a taste of what it’s going to be like here in future. Nine in the morning will be fine.’
    DCI Jackson stood by the window of his office looking down into the car park. He waited until he saw the assistant commissioner get into his car and be driven out into the busy West End traffic, and then waited again until his summons for DS Harry Barnard was answered. He failed to wave the sergeant into a seat and stood for a minute by the window looking at him stony-faced.
    ‘Did you see the assistant commissioner?’ he asked eventually.
    ‘He did a walk round CID,’ Barnard said. ‘He didn’t speak to me.’
    ‘He’s sending us reinforcements in the shape of DS Vic Copeland. Do you know him?’
    Barnard could not disguise his surprise and he knew it was tinged with horror, which he hoped Jackson could not see. ‘I’ve never met him,’ he said. ‘As I hear it he’s lucky to still be in the Force. He’s well known as a bit of a thug.’
    ‘AC Amis wants Soho cleaned up and he seems to think Copeland is the man to help us do it. The City force is very happy to transfer him over. Want to be rid of him, no doubt, and his little embarrassment in Smithfield. So we’re stuck with him. I want you to show him around when he arrives. He can’t have ever worked in the West End before, and certainly not in Soho.’
    ‘He’ll go down a storm with the tarts and the queers,’ Barnard muttered. ‘They’ll all know about the deaths in custody, and there’s much more, so I’m told. He’s the sort of man who talks more with his fists than his mouth. A good thumping first and then the questions. And another good thumping if the answers aren’t the right ones. The courts are beginning to catch on and turf his cases out.’
    ‘Mr Amis is coming back for a nine o’clock briefing in the morning so be there. I thought I’d suggest then that you were the best person to take Copeland round,’ Jackson said sharply. ‘You know where all the bodies are buried. So don’t complain you weren’t warned.’
    ‘Talking of bodies, did Mr Amis say he was missing a witness in the Georgie Robertson case? I could be mistaken about the corpse from Centre Point. One tramp looks much like another, especially in that state. But he had a look of our man except that he’s supposed to be tucked away somewhere in a safe house.’
    ‘He didn’t mention anything to do with the George Robertson case,’ Jackson said. ‘He seemed much more concerned about what his brother Ray is up to, especially as he seems to be having meetings with Reg Smith. Did you know about that?’
    ‘I’d heard a few rumours but I didn’t think it was serious. They’ve been at daggers drawn for years. Every now and again it goes off but so far we’ve had no serious casualties. I can’t imagine they’re going to get together after all this time.’ Although allowing for Ray Robertson’s fantasies of outdoing the Great Train robbers perhaps the idea was not so far fetched. Barnard knew him well enough to know that a heist on that scale was beyond Ray Robertson’s competence, but Reg Smith was another matter entirely.
    ‘See what you can find out,’ Jackson said. ‘I don’t like intelligence coming from the Yard when we should have picked it up ourselves.’
    ‘Right,’ Barnard said. ‘So

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