Blood Descendants (St. Clair Vampires Book 1)

Blood Descendants (St. Clair Vampires Book 1) by Beverly Toney Read Free Book Online Page B

Book: Blood Descendants (St. Clair Vampires Book 1) by Beverly Toney Read Free Book Online
Authors: Beverly Toney
continue northward.
    “ They
will have left a scout somewhere in the vicinity so we have to be
careful. Nothing good comes out of carelessness”, she
    She gave me a motherly
pat on the shoulder before she turned and led me further down the
embankment. With great effort I continued down the embankment with
the grace of a two-legged elephant. I slipped and slid until I was
completely covered in whatever had been in the dirt. We reached the
side of the highway, jumped a six foot chain link fence, and crawled
out of a ditch before finally reaching asphalt.
    While I was catching my
breath, it didn’t escape my notice that Tabitha wasn't even
slightly winded. A black SUV began to slow and it pulled onto the
shoulder of the road. As I started to run down the side of the
highway, Tabitha stopped me and motioned to the vehicle just as
Solomon exited the driver’s seat. I watched as he opened the
rear passenger door. My hesitation lasted only momentarily because I
turned to look back towards the embankment just in time to see
something moving swiftly down the side of the hill in our direction.
It was too large to be a dog but too small to be any other type of
animal. Just then the hill was lit up by the headlights of an
oncoming vehicle and I saw that the thing running at an extraordinary
speed was Raphael and he was looking right at me.
    Turning on my heels, I
dove into the back seat of the car, pulling my feet in right as
Solomon slammed the door. The locks clicked into place at the same
time that Raphael hit the window…hard. The window was almost
shattered and Raphael had his fist cocked back to hit it again when
the SUV pulled onto the highway.
    Someone was screaming
and it took a second to realize that it was me. I clasped my hands
over my mouth, closed my eyes and told myself to breath because this
just simply was not happening. I took mental stock of the events so
far: bio-mom sent for me, foster-mom tried to sell me, three boys
trying to catch me, best friend lying to me, and I may be related to
Efia and Jordan.
    I removed my hands from
my face and opened my eyes. Tabitha was looking right at me with
concern as she handed me a bottle of water and a wet wipe. I
immediately began wiping the dirt, grime and tears from my face and
hands. I was handed a second wipe and a third when the job continued
to need them. We drove silently into the mountains for about 15
minutes before Solomon spoke.
    “ Are
you going to be okay?” His voice was so smooth and so deep that
I felt it calm me all the way down to my toes. When Tabitha didn’t
answer him I saw that his eyes were on me.
    “ Oh,
I’m fine.” All three of us knew I was lying, but what
else did they expect me to say?
    The SUV pulled up to a
gatehouse where Solomon entered a code to gain access. There were
three sets of security gates to pass before we came to a circular
driveway in front of a huge four-story white house. The steps to the
double front doors were made of large white boulders held together
with cement. The window over the front door rose through all four
floors revealing a soft light from inside.
    From the back seat of
the SUV the house looked massive. Giving me the opportunity to get my
bearings, neither Tabitha nor Solomon made a move to exit the
vehicle. They were so silent and unmoving that I almost forgot they
were there. I had so many thoughts and questions running around in my
head that I started to feel sick.
    After a few minutes,
Solomon opened his door and got out. He opened Tabitha’s door
and then walked around and opened the door for me. I stepped down
onto the gravel driveway and took a deep breath of the clean mountain
air only to be reminded that I was still covered in dog mess.
Covering my mouth to keep from throwing up, I stared at the house.
    Solomon had began to
walk ahead of us, taking the steps two at a time, and opened the
ancient pine door. Then, he stepped to the side and bowed slightly in
our direction.
    “ Did
he just

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