Blood Lily (Lilith Adams Vampire Series Book 1)

Blood Lily (Lilith Adams Vampire Series Book 1) by Jenny Allen Read Free Book Online

Book: Blood Lily (Lilith Adams Vampire Series Book 1) by Jenny Allen Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jenny Allen
of a low tan couch. She curled up in its comfort and glanced over the books scattered across the marble coffee table. There were a few cookbooks, a couple on noteworthy photographers and then there were the ones that actually didn’t surprise her. A few magazines on home improvement and an owner’s manual on a Honda motorcycle.
    Lilith was flipping through one of the photography books when Chance jogged down the stairs with a duffel bag. He stopped at the bottom of the steps and stared at her.
    “You never told me you liked photography.”
    “Yeah, well, you never asked.” He sounded defensive as he crossed the room and grabbed his keys from the table by the elevator. Lilith watched him carefully from the couch until he turned around, a 6’3” mass of seething tension. “If you’re done, we should get to your place.”
    She was surprised by the light hints of defensive anger. Her mouth opened to say something but she couldn’t think of what to say and settled for a nod. After grabbing her case and slipping on her heels, she followed him into the antiquated elevator. The ride was just as terrifying on the way down, but the silent sense of hostility made it even worse. She still had no idea what to say when the cab pulled up. She had no idea why he was even upset. Chance must have felt the uneasy tension from her. He let out a soft sigh and looked at her over the cab. “Lily. Look, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to snap at you. I’m…I’m just not used to having people in my place.”
    She forced a smile and shrugged. “A territorial thing. I get it.” Just like her bedroom sanctuary. She slipped into the cab before he could say anything else. The ride to her apartment was quiet, but not truly uncomfortable. The night was starting to seem completely surreal. Her mind kept going right back to that horrible moment when Gregor lied to her. He was hiding something and he never hid things. She’d run errands for him before, granted not as exciting as this one, but he’d never sent anyone with her before, much less his very own body guard. The sinking feeling that something was wrong just kept growing in the pit of her stomach.
    They were in and out of her place in a matter of minutes. She managed to keep Chance out of her bedroom while she packed. He settled for browsing her book collection and hollering out questions about them every few minutes. Somehow she thought that was more about keeping contact to know she was okay than actually wanting to know about the specifics of ballistics or entomology.
    Cha rlie waved to her over the blue curly hair of one of the elderly tenets. She walked up to the desk, apologized to the old woman and turned to Charley. Lilith didn’t know her neighbors. Her busiest times were at night and most of the building consisted of tenants that turned in after Jeopardy. Once in a while she’d get invitations to building parties or birthdays, but Charlie was the only one in the building she knew on sight. She didn’t want to get to know her neighbors, she just wanted peace and solitude when she was at home.
    “I’m heading out of town for a few days. Could you be my hero and have them hold my mail till I get back?”
    “Of course, my dear. I’ll let Gary know first thing in the morning.” His smile made his entire face crinkle into deep lines. “Have a…” His eyes traveled to something behind her and there was a sudden hopeful sort of light in his eyes “…wonderful time, Miss.”
    Her eyes followed Charlie ’s to Chance, casually leaning against the door, staring out into the night, waiting for their ride. Lilith couldn’t help but laugh. “Oh, no. Not that sort of trip. It’s business.”
    Charlie just winked at her.
    T he sleek, black town car was waiting out front for them, just idling at the curb. Chance grabbed her bags and her aluminum kit and headed to the trunk as the driver popped out and jogged around to open the door for her. Everything about the driver was plain

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