Blood Moon

Blood Moon by Ellen Keener Read Free Book Online

Book: Blood Moon by Ellen Keener Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ellen Keener
wearing it.”
    Aria thought back to the scene in the alley, before she helped Steven. “It was risky to have any of them wearing it. Steven said it was silver. Who would give a hunk of silver, let alone one with magical properties, to a teenager?”
    “That’s a stupid question. It’s Haemon.”
    Ignoring Aaron again, Lukas rubbed the bridge of his nose, a crease forming between his brows. “That doesn’t explain why you weren’t affected, or the others with Ethan. If what you say is true, only the wearer should have been unaffected.”
    She spread her hands on the table. “I didn’t hear the whole story, so there are probably details we are missing. As for myself, I don’t know why it didn’t work. I felt a little strange at first, but then I got angry and…well, feeling weird really isn’t unusual.”
    Chances were good it had something to do with her necklace, but that wasn’t something she would share. Not yet, anyway.
    “You mean to tell me you fought them off alone?”
    Her arm shot out, pointing a finger at Aaron. “You are really starting to piss me off. If you want, I’ll give a demonstration. Hope you don’t mind getting blood on that shirt.”
    “Enough!” Lukas’ roar mingled with the sound of his fist slamming on the desk. “You will both stop antagonizing each other, especially you, Aaron. If you can’t be trusted to watch your words, you can leave.”
    The Beta bowed his head in submission. Lukas’ entire body vibrated with impatience and anger. She nodded, taking a deep breath. She hadn’t even been here a full day, and she was causing problems.
    Lukas waited a few more seconds, his hands clenching and unclenching as he calmed himself. “Now, Aria, do you remember if the talisman had a name?”
    Thinking back, she tried to recall the conversation. It was something Haemon had been inordinately pleased about, which usually made her worry. He hadn’t tested that one on her, thank God, but he had tried it out on a few of his Pack Guards. “I think it’s called the Alistar Talisman.”
    Thaddeus scribbled the name on a piece of paper from the desk. “I’ll get what I can about it off the Internet later.”
    Aaron leaned back in his chair. “Tonight had nothing to do with Aria, but it was still Haemon trying to make a point. He’s making this a vendetta, and Aria’s arrival will only give him more fuel for the fire.” He nodded at her. “No offense.”
    Lukas nodded, glaring at his friend. Apparently, he’d caught the sarcasm as well as she had. “Tell everyone they need an escort to school and work.”
    “Don’t you want to—?” She stopped, clenching her fingers around the cushion in her hand. They weren’t her Pack, nor did she belong here. Her opinions should not be voiced. But his suggestion wasn’t enough.
    “I thought you didn’t plan on staying?” His words dared her to contradict them.
    Lukas wasn’t quite as collected as he seemed. Irritation had gotten the better of him after all. She was sorry for that.
    “I can’t stay. It doesn’t mean I don’t want to see them safe, Lukas. Part of this is my fault, after all.”
    “You can’t have it both ways, love. You can’t become involved and then leave at the drop of a hat. If you want to make suggestions, you’ll have to promise me some time. Quality time.”
    She punched at the cushion. “You are infuriating.” The need to help, to try and right some of the wrongs her father and Haemon had been responsible for, burned deeply.
    “It’s one of my better traits, actually.” The amusement hovering in his eyes teased her. He knew exactly what she was thinking. She didn’t know how, but he did.
    Ignoring the fact that he was manipulating her, she jerked her chin up, meeting his gaze. “How much time?”
    “Three months.”
    Aria glared. “That’s not time, that’s assisted suicide.” She waited for Aaron to interject a comment. He remained silent.
    “No, those are my terms.”
    Dropping her head to

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