Blood of the Dragon (Her Dragon's Bane 2)

Blood of the Dragon (Her Dragon's Bane 2) by Harmony Raines Read Free Book Online

Book: Blood of the Dragon (Her Dragon's Bane 2) by Harmony Raines Read Free Book Online
Authors: Harmony Raines
Tags: General Fiction
unable to see what was preventing him from moving forward. There was nothing obvious, it must indeed be witchcraft. Connor could not get any closer to the building, and Serena went back to stand by him, looking helplessly around.
    Still no one. Maybe Connor had been right, Samuel had moved on elsewhere, not trusting her to do what she had been told. Poor Charlotte, where was she?
    “Ahh, we've been expecting you.” In a blink of an eye, the view of the church changed, and instead of the old dark building, there stood a brightly lit church with armed guards outside.
    “What's happening, Samuel?” she asked.
    “Just a little safety precaution our little witch uses to keep us safe. Come on, step through.” Samuel grinned, and the bile in her throat rose until she struggled to swallow it. All the memories of his cruelty came back to her, and fear gripped her until she thought she would never be able to move again. And then beside her Connor pressed closer, so very slightly no other person would have known, but she knew. He gave her strength, he gave her hope.
    In her pocket, she pressed the send button, and hoped Zoah would get the message that he had to enter the building now. To give him more time, she took slow steps, keeping her eye on Samuel, who stood flanked by armed men.
    “So this is the dragon.” Samuel stood his ground, his eyes fixed on Connor, but there was something in his face that showed wariness. Could he tell Connor wasn’t drugged, had the witch told him they were trying to trick him?
    “Yes,” Serena said quietly, knowing she had to keep up the pretence until she knew for certain either way.
    He walked right up to Connor, one of the men by his side aiming his gun at the dragon's heart. Samuel looked into Connor's eyes, who thankfully held an unfixed gaze, completely ignoring the foul man in front of him.
    “Lights are on, but the man has flown away. Tara!” he shouted.
    Serena watched as a woman stepped out from the large doors of the church, a long flowing dress billowing out around her. Despite the gravity of the situation, Serena found it amusing, all she needed was a broomstick, and she would be away into the sky, flying along with the dragons.
    “Who is this?” Serena asked.
    “Did I give you permission to ask questions?” Samuel said, and Serena recognised the look in his eyes and the twitch of his hand.
    Without thinking she shielded herself from the blow as it rained down on her head. His arm came into contact with hers, but thankfully she was left conscious, she could not afford to lose her senses now. She only prayed Connor wouldn't react, because then their cover would be blown and all would be lost. Her head snapped back, and she lost her balance, hitting the floor hard.
    Through her tears she saw Connor flinch so very slightly, his fists balling as he fought to control himself. Samuel turned to look at him again, and for a moment Serena knew they were done for, and then the witch spoke.
    “So she did it? And you thought she didn't have the guts.” She walked past Samuel, and put herself firmly between him and Connor.
    “You're sure?” Samuel asked, taking a step to the side to stare at Connor. “I swear he reacted.”
    “Well of course he would. She is his mate, and that will not change, but the control will be yours.”
    A vicious smile spread across Samuel's face. “So if I ask him to beat her to death, he will?”
    “Oh, Samuel,” Tara chastised him as if he were a small child. “If you break his heart by killing his mate, it will shrivel up and die, and then all your plans will be as dead as the dragon.”
    “Well, he doesn't have to kill her, just hurt her a little.”
    “Let me see her,” the witch said, gripping Serena's wrist and dragging her to her feet. Without even acknowledging Serena, the witch placed her hand on her stomach, and closed her eyes. “Yes. The spawn is there.”
    “You're sure?” Samuel asked, his voice more excited than Serena had ever

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