Blood of the Gods (The Vampire from Hell Part 5)

Blood of the Gods (The Vampire from Hell Part 5) by Ally Thomas Read Free Book Online

Book: Blood of the Gods (The Vampire from Hell Part 5) by Ally Thomas Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ally Thomas
was no good or evil until Satan showed up on the scene.  It was just life or death.  But he seduced Mehen just as he seduced your mother.  That’s how it began.  You know the rest.”
    “So the animal shifting stuff?  What does that mean?”
    “All gods, no matter what house they are from, can shift into the shapes of animals, large or small.  If the person has the celestial spark, they can do it naturally.  If they don’t have it, they can learn how to shift through magic.”
    I swallowed hard before I asked Blick the next question.  I was afraid I already knew the answer.  “So my house is the snake or the dragon then?”
    “Yes,” he replied, running his fingers through my hair.  “If you go dark, you’ll belong to the House of the Snake.  If you stay a vampire as you are now, you’ll remain in the House of the Dragon.”
    “Hmmm,” I mumbled, closing my eyes.
    Author’s Note:   Above passage is from the chapter named ‘A Thin Line’ in The Vampire from Hell Returns (The Vampire from Hell Part 4).
    I sent another text message to Ra.  I also texted J’s old number.  J too has been missing, almost as long as Rayea.  With the chaos going on at and the break in security at the House of G, everyone had scattered to the wind.  I notified G, J’s father, that I was taking an extended leave of absence until further notice.  He did not object to my decision.  After J’s disappearance, G was lost without his son.  He was a walking shell of the small jolly man who had dressed in Hawaiian shirts, khaki shorts, and beige loafers.
    I had told G I would continue to look for his son too.  As soon as I had Rayea by my side, I vowed to do just that.  I owed a lot to J.
    I had been in a lot of trouble before J had given me sanctuary in the House of G.  My brother, Seth had stirred things up and many of the houses were divided and fighting.  I knew if I did not escape that my brother would kill me too, just as he had killed our parents before he took control of the House of the Wolf.  With J’s urging, G had agreed to let Ra and I seek refuge with them.  No one would think to look for us there.  Once Satan had killed my brother, Seth, he had dissolved the House of the Wolf and had turned it into Hell.  From that point on, I knew my destiny was locked with that demon.  It did not matter that I had a less than great relationship with my brother.  He was still my brother and my blood.  I did not shed a tear when Satan had been destroyed.  On the contrary, I celebrated the fact that it had been his oldest daughter who had done it.
    The noise of a few punks on skateboards racing down the walkway caught my attention.  I pulled my mind out of the past and glanced at the clock.  The morning was gone.  I knew I needed to get busy, but I could not put Rayea’s book down.  Reading her words made me feel so close to her.  Maybe if I read it a third time, I could calm down.  I flipped through the pages again.
    I re-read the email I had sent to her so long ago, underlining my favorite parts this time.  It made me feel close to her.  My words to her were still true.  Despite the fact that I had told her to delete it, she had not.  I smiled to myself.  That was Rayea.  She had probably deleted the email after she had copied and pasted the contents into her blog.  She would do something like that so technically she had done what I asked.  Deciding I could buy Grace and Demetri another bar stool, I picked the one near me up and splintered it into a thousand pieces of wood.  If I had to wait one more day without knowing where she was, I thought I would die.
    “When I took the time to surf through my inbox immensely filled with copies of various correspondences about the House of G activities including Blick’s instructions for logging into the new secure network, I discovered an email from Blick that was written on a more personal note.  It wasn’t like him to send

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