Blood Rose (Blood Books Book 1)

Blood Rose (Blood Books Book 1) by Danielle Rose Read Free Book Online

Book: Blood Rose (Blood Books Book 1) by Danielle Rose Read Free Book Online
Authors: Danielle Rose
his hand held in mine, we left my room, and my family, behind.
    The air outside was refreshing. I begged for it to blow away the fear, the doubt, the pain that clouded my mind. With the slightest inhalation, I was discovering new scents. From flowers to meat and rust to salt, I smelled the world as if life was sprawled on a platter before me. But more than that, I could feel it. The life that drove nature to survive flowed through me. It was as if I could tap into its energy and harness its power as my own.
    “You show an impressive level of control I’ve yet to see in a newborn,” the vampire said.
    I yanked my hand from his and wrapped my arms around my chest. I didn’t like my decision to simply leave my coven behind, but I hated my choice to leave with them .
    “I’m Jasik.”
    I rolled my eyes and looked away. I mentally told myself that I had no choice. If I stayed behind, my family would kill me. If I left with the vampires, then maybe, just maybe, I could learn to control what I was, and my coven would welcome me back. I could become the ultimate tool.
    Being a chosen-one-turned-vampire had to have its perks.
    “We need to get back. The sun’s rising soon,” another vampire said.
    He glanced at me, jaw clenched. His eyes were bright green, and they seemed to outline each curve of my body as his gaze dropped down. I felt vulnerable under his stare. He didn’t look at me with wonder, curiosity, or lust. He looked at me with disgust, hatred, and fear. He quickly turned away and joined the others. I felt odd beside the blue-eyed vampire: vulnerable yet safe. My hatred toward him was tinged with curiosity.
    “That was Malik, my brother.”
    I ignored him.
    I looked at my house, my eyes lingering on my bedroom window. My mother stood beside the curtain, watching me, before quickly stepping out of view. I wanted to call out to her, beg her to let me stay, but I knew leaving was my only option. They would never be safe around me until I was able to control what I was.
    Focusing on the room, I closed my eyes and listened. At first, I heard nothing, but then the world consumed me.
    “Stay safe, my love,” my mother whispered.
    “Can you believe Braedon said that?” a girl said with a chuckle. Her voice was distant, hushed. She sounded young, weak.
    “Did you want anything from the store?” a man asked. He was closer. His voice was coarse, deep. He was closer to me than the girl. I heard him clearly, as if he stood just behind me. But no one was there.
    Clanking heels.
    Hiss of a cat.
    Squeal of tires.
    Sizzling of a fryer.
    I dug my fingers into my hair, collapsing to the ground. My mouth opened, but I couldn’t breathe.
    “Focus on just me,” Jasik said as he pulled my head against his chest. “Shield yourself from the world. You can do it. Raise your shield, Avah.”
    “I-I can’t. It’s s-so loud!” I said, pushing myself harder against him and squeezing my eyes shut. I was sure the witches had done something. I had outworn my welcome, and now, they were using their powers against me. This was it; this was the end. 
    “Avah, you can do this. You’re strong. Pull your strength from within. Use it to shield yourself from the world.”
    “I can’t!” I yelled, angry that he was barking out orders I couldn’t comprehend.
    “Jeremiah! She needs you,” he yelled.
    I opened my eyes as a hand firmly grasped the back of my head. Kneeling before me, the vampire with dark skin and glowing, gray irises pulled me into his arms. I met his gaze, and slowly, the world went silent.
    “She’ll be fine,” Jeremiah said, dropping his arms. “I’ll slowly remove it to make the transition easier.” He walked away.
    After the pain subsided, I stood. “What did he do to me?”
    Jasik’s face hardened as he stared at me. “Let’s get somewhere safe, and then we’ll talk.”
    “No. Tell me everything. No, ” I said, taking several steps backward. 
    After several

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