Blood Work

Blood Work by L.J. Hayward Read Free Book Online

Book: Blood Work by L.J. Hayward Read Free Book Online
Authors: L.J. Hayward
Tags: Action, vampire, Mystery & Suspense, Werewolf, Dark and Dangerous
the vertical
blinds. He quirked an eyebrow in question. Erin grimaced in
response. Ivan grinned and turned back to his work.
    Letting out a
long sigh, releasing tension she hadn’t realised she’d held, Erin
tidied up her desk. Late appointments weren’t so bad when they
resulted in a case that would earn money, but when they amounted to
little more than wasted time and a terrible image she wouldn’t be
able to shake for weeks, Erin could do without them. She just
wanted to go home, forget about other peoples’ problems for the
rest of the night and deal with her own.
    Standing, she
turned to close the blinds on the window. Beyond her twelfth storey
office, Brisbane’s night time cityscape stretched away. Tall
buildings studded with lights; streets streaked with white
headlights and red taillights; the dark river twisting back and
forth, its shores sparkling like chains of phosphorescent
    In many ways,
Brisbane was not a big city. It was considered ‘sleepy’ by those
who lived in Sydney and Melbourne, and it certainly wasn’t as
crowded and condensed as those other, more metropolitan cities. But
it was large and sprawling. It was a lot of room for one man to
lose himself in.
    Even if Mrs
Veilchen had been a bit more forthcoming, Erin wouldn’t have wanted
the case. There was too little to go on, and way too much ground to
    The phone
beeped and Ivan’s voice came through.
    “You have a
call, Erin.”
    She felt like
telling him to take a message. It was too late to be dealing with
anything else. Before she could say anything, Ivan continued.
    “Shit.” Erin
turned and hit the intercom button. “What does he want?”
    “Ah, to talk
to you. You know I don’t bother him with silly little questions
about the details.” There was a blend of sarcasm and real
trepidation in Ivan’s tone. “Line one.”
several more grumbles, Erin picked up the phone, hit the flashing
line and said, “Hello, Sol. How nice to hear from you.”
    “McRea.” His
thick Mediterranean accent moulded her name with new inflections,
none of them pleasant. “You didn’t take Heather Veilchen’s
    Erin resisted
the urge to smack her head against the desk. “I don’t think the
case would be something Sol Investigations should become involved
with. She wasn’t willing to tell me everything, and won’t go to the
police, so it’s most likely not above board. Taking this case might
harm our professional integrity.”
    There was a
heavy pause. Erin’s heart beat frantically, the usual response to
talking to her boss. It wasn’t often he called, less often he
visited. Despite the fact she’d worked for him for three years,
Erin was still nervous about dealing with Sol. She did her work and
she was good at it. He paid her wage, dispensed bonuses and kept
out of her way. Most of the time.
    And he somehow
always knew when she was holding something back.
    “And I didn’t
like her attitude.”
    Sol’s chuckle
was smooth, deep and chilling. “McRea, you know we don’t let
personal opinions get in the way of our client’s needs. Mrs
Veilchen has utilised Sol Investigations in the past, never with
any difficulty. I don’t see why she should be turned away this
    A lump of
objection and fear lodged somewhere in Erin’s larynx, making it
impossible to produce further objections.
    “You’re an
able investigator, McRea. I don’t think Mrs Veilchen’s missing
person case will take you too long.”
    And that was
it. The case was on board.
    “Yes, sir.
I’ll start first thing tomorrow morning.”
    “No. Now.”
    The door to
the outer office opened and a courier walked in. He handed Ivan a
package the size of a DVD disk. Ivan signed and the courier left.
Erin closed her eyes. It had been a while since she’d had the urge
to quit, but it was back with a vengeance. She liked her job but
when Sol got involved and made things like this happen, she wanted
nothing to do

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