BLUE WEDDING (Melody The Librarian Mysteries Book 3)

BLUE WEDDING (Melody The Librarian Mysteries Book 3) by Leslie Leigh Read Free Book Online

Book: BLUE WEDDING (Melody The Librarian Mysteries Book 3) by Leslie Leigh Read Free Book Online
Authors: Leslie Leigh
very close friend.”
    “Oh, that must be Raymond ,” I replied, recalling Tiffany’s syrupy phone conversation. “No, I’ve just heard about him.”
    “Nice guy. Anyway, I made an investment in his-and-hers gold clubs for the couple, and I hope that will lead to an outing with Mr. Hayes, where I can make a pitch for my marketing services. It’s a bit of a gamble, but my idea is that on a more relaxed turf, so to speak, Mr. Hayes might be more receptive to my ideas.”
    “You always were a calculating bastard,” I smiled. “Speaking of Trojan horses, why the covert campaign of gifts to me? You know…the secret admirer ruse?”
    “Well, it’s no secret that I admire you, Melody, especially when I read the Detroit Free Press article about your amateur sleuthing adventures. Yeah, they ran the local rag’s feature, and I was very impressed. When I found out that Hayes’ wedding was going to be held here, it was like….”
    “Killing two birds with one stone?” I offered.
    “Like kismet,” he said, “or an omen.”
    “Gavin, believe me, I am not your good luck charm. There is nothing but bad karma between us. We were married for eight months, and you were gone on your job or with your girlfriends for four of those months. So please don’t try to spin our past together as some sort of magical fairy tale.”
    “Oooh,” Gavin exclaimed, as if he’d just been punched in his midsection, though the smile never left his face. “You don’t pull punches, Melody. What can I say? We were both younger and a little immature. I didn’t realize that you’d still felt so much emotion.”
    “I felt betrayed, Gavin. I haven’t thought about you at all in years, but now that you’ve shown up here, I resent that you think that I would forget that betrayal and let you charm your way back into my good graces. Not a chance. That would be like being bitten by a rattlesnake. If you don’t learn from the experience, it’ll happen again.”
    Finally, the smile disappeared. “Hey, I told you, I was in town and I thought I’d look you up. I didn’t know that you still held a grudge. I’d hoped that I could take you to dinner and we could talk about old times.”
    “No,” I said. “I’ve have a rehearsal. I’m playing at the reception tomorrow.” That was only half true, but with a guy like Gavin – a salesman through and through, who wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer – it was necessary to lie.
    “Oh, the accordion,” he grinned. “Man, that’s one thing I sure don’t miss about you, no offense. You still got that same cat, the one who didn’t like me?”
    “Mao? Yes. She’s an excellent judge of character, as it turned out. I’ve got to go.”
    “I understand,” Gavin said. “Well, if you change your mind – after the rehearsal – you can find me at the Hartford House, this boring old B and B. I should have waited till tomorrow to come up here.”
    “Sorry I couldn’t entertain you,” I sniffed, and started walking.
    “Hey, how’s your mother, Melody?” Gavin called out.
    I wheeled back around. “What do you care? You’ve never met my mother, and she doesn’t know a thing about you. Nobody does, and that’s the way I want to keep it. Don’t be telling anyone else that we were married. It was annulled, remember? It never existed.”
    “Easy, Melody, I was just being polite,” he chuckled. “Go on; don’t be late for your rehearsal. Hey, do you take requests? What if I ask you to play our song, Melody?”
    I stopped and looked back. “We didn’t have a song, Gavin. Just do me a favor and stay away from me, okay?”
    I didn’t want him following me, so I walked along Main Street until his car passed by, then I took the road to Mom’s. I was livid. He had some nerve! Did he think I was going to show him a good time during his layover? Maybe I should have referred him to Cat, our local escort provider. That was more Gavin’s speed.
    As I marched along, a woman walking her dog

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