Bluedawn (A Watermagic Novel, #2)

Bluedawn (A Watermagic Novel, #2) by Brighton Hill Read Free Book Online

Book: Bluedawn (A Watermagic Novel, #2) by Brighton Hill Read Free Book Online
Authors: Brighton Hill
Tags: Romance, Fantasy, Horror, paranormal romance, Young Adult, teen, sirens
want to do that?”
    “So you can experience what I did.”
    “I just wanted to thank you for saving me in
the woods the other night.”
    “That was you?” His eyes widened in
    My eyebrows furrowed together. “Didn’t you
    He laughed. “Yeah, I knew.” He glanced down
at my ankle. “Looks better.”
    “Okay, so I’m going to go now,” I said
suddenly as I rushed away.
    “Wait,” he called out jogging after me.
    But then, in the dark, someone stepped out of
the bushes and grabbed onto my arm. It wasn’t Dylan.

    To die will be an awfully
big adventure. –J.M.
Barrie,  Peter Pan
    I let out a scream.
    A man pulled me around. I couldn’t see his
face clearly. “You’re parents said to stay in the motorhome,” he
said roughly.
    “How do you know?” I tried to keep my voice
from shaking.
    “They told me to keep an eye on you.” His
face was long and distorted in the shadows. It was so close to mine
that I could feel the wetness of his breath. I thought of the dead
boys and the human bite marks in their flesh.
    He pulled me forward before I had a chance to
respond and was dragging me by the arm through the darkness.
Everything was happening so quickly.
    “You better mind, girl,” the man growled
under his breath.
    “Let me go.” I struggled to get away.
    But he grabbed me tighter and wouldn’t let
    I started to whimper.
    “Hey, Ranger Mike.” Dylan jogged up to the
man and put his hand on his shoulder. “I’ll walk Hailey back to her
campsite for her parents.”
    “Who’s there?” Ranger Mike swung around
suddenly and stopped in the darkness.
    “It’s me, Dylan.”
    “Oh, hello there, son.”
    “How was your doctor’s appointment?” Dylan
asked him as I stood there panting.
    “Said I have a brain tumor.” His head dropped
into his hands.
    “I’m sorry, man.” Dylan shook his head. “What
a shame.”
    The man nodded. “You take her back and make
sure she stays in.”
    “Will do,” Dylan agreed.
    The park ranger turned around and walked away
toward his office.
    “Come on,” Dylan whispered.
    I tried to calm my thoughts. The whole thing
frightened me so much that my skin felt clammy. I walked beside
Dylan, not sure what to make of the entire event. “He scared the
hell out of me,” I finally whispered.
    “I wanted to bash his head in,” Dylan
retorted. “You watch out for that dude. He’s not normal.”
    “Maybe it’s the brain tumor making him
    “Whatever it is, I don’t trust him and I
don’t like how he treated you.”
    “Thanks for stepping in again,” I mumbled as
I wondered why he cared.
    “Turn off your flashlight,” he said for the
second time. His voice rang of confidence.
    “I want to show you what it is like to walk
in the dark,” he whispered. “But now, there’s an added benefit. In
the dark, Ranger Mike won’t know that I’m taking you with me.”
    Butterflies fluttered uncontrollably in my
stomach. Now I was sure I wanted to go. I wasn’t afraid of Dylan
anymore, even though maybe I should have been. I was afraid of
Ranger Mike. I didn’t want to be alone in the motorhome with that
man knowing my parents were out.
    “All right,” I replied, feeling more curious
about him than the darkness. My fingers fumbled with the flashlight
for a second before I got it off.
    The obscurity took a moment before I really
felt the full effects of the complete blackness before my eyes. I
stopped, not sure where to step. My body tightened. I could hear
Dylan breathing lightly, but I couldn’t see him. My forehead beaded
up with perspiration.
    “What if I’m the boogie man?” Dylan whispered
close enough to my ear that I could feel the heat of his
    The fine hairs lifted on my arms and thighs.
I didn’t respond. He smelled so good.
    Now with the blackness surrounding me, my
hearing became more enhanced. I noticed the sounds of the waves
rolling on the shore below the rocky decline. The insects’

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