BodySnatchers by Myla Jackson Read Free Book Online

Book: BodySnatchers by Myla Jackson Read Free Book Online
Authors: Myla Jackson
    When Reggie’s hands were finally freed, Melisande stepped
back, twisting the shirt in her hands.
    Reggie rubbed her wrists, wondering about the woman who
seemed so young and naïve. “Could I have the shirt please?”
    Melisande glanced up, her eyes wide, the flush in her cheeks
deepening. When her gaze traveled from Reggie’s full breasts to the apex of her
thighs, she turned away, shoving the shirt at Reggie without looking. “Please.
I didn’t mean to… I’m sorry. Oh hell…” Her voice trailed off and she turned her
back to Reggie. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it. You are very beautiful and your
skin is so soft.”
    “Are you embarrassed by my nakedness?” Reggie chuckled.
“You’re a strange bird. A woman who lives with vampires is embarrassed by a
little nudity when she has two of the most gorgeous men I’ve ever seen under
the same roof.” She shrugged her arms into the voluminous sleeves and buttoned
the middle three buttons. The shirt hung to her knees. Since it was the only
garment offered, she’d make-do. Her tank top was toast.
    “I know you must think I’m silly. I see the guys running
around with next to nothing on, sometimes even naked, but there aren’t many
women around. I shouldn’t have taken advantage of you while you were dreaming.”
    Reggie gasped. “You were the woman in my dream?”
    Melisande nodded, her cheeks bright red. “I’ve always
wondered what it felt like to touch another woman there.” Her gaze dropped to
Reggie’s pussy again and she looked away quickly.
    Reggie’s body tingled, remembering the feel of those slender
fingers sliding across her skin and into her…
    She sucked in a deep breath and let it out slowly. “Look,
just don’t let it happen again unless I’m fully aware and consent.”
    Melesande nodded. “I won’t. Unless you want to.” She smiled,
her face lighting up.
    “So you don’t…you know…do it with the vamps?”
    “Oh no. They would never.”
    “With those two, that’s hard to believe.” The thought of
Torsten and Yuri traipsing around the apartment with nothing on made her blood
shoot to her head and low in her belly at the same time. Whew! She’d seen a
good portion of Yuri exposed, and he would be hard to forget.
    “They never bring other women back to the apartment. They
don’t want anyone to know where they live. It’s been that way since Yuri
brought me to live with them.”
    “Yuri bringing you here, was it your choice or his?” Reggie
slipped on her jeans and tied the shirttails around her waist with a firm yank.
Did she need to sneak Melisande out of here as well as getting her own butt
out? If she had to drag Melisande around Houston, it would slow her from finding
Madison, but she didn’t feel right leaving her here.
    “Mine of course,” she said with conviction. “I really didn’t
have anywhere else to go, and I’ve never felt safer.”
    Reggie stared at her for a long moment. “Aren’t you afraid
they’ll try to make you into one of them?”
    “Oh no.” She shook her head, her straight brown hair
swirling around her shoulders. “Yuri was turned against his will around four
hundred years ago by a woman he thought he loved. Such a sad story.” Melisande
    Yuri was in love with another woman? The thought didn’t set
well with Reggie, and her fingers curled into a tight ball. She hadn’t
considered Yuri might be taken. “Is she still around?”
    “She left as soon as she turned him. Broke his heart.” The
girl shrugged. “That’s why Yuri swore he’d never turn a soul who didn’t want
it. Tor feels the same. They won’t turn me unless I want them to.”
    So the woman wasn’t around, and Yuri had morals. Reggie
found that hard to believe, especially after he’d tied her to the bed. “You’re
not considering letting them turn you, are you?”
    “Maybe someday. I want to have a regular life first.”
    “Regular? Honey, you live with vampires. There’s nothin’

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