BOMAW Vol. 10-12

BOMAW Vol. 10-12 by Mercedes Keyes Read Free Book Online

Book: BOMAW Vol. 10-12 by Mercedes Keyes Read Free Book Online
Authors: Mercedes Keyes
Gregory Moss , Bow Wow is probably the best looking boy - on the face - of the earth!" Sasha exclaimed laying across her bed now alongside Ma'Keiba.
    "He's nineteen years old! Way too old for you."
    "I know, but I think I'm gonna like older men. Young boys are stupid anyway, look at my brothers."
    "Your brothers are all good looking. Now that my dad knows your oldest brother plays football and is on a team for pro-ball; he'll be around all the time, which is good for us." She thrilled.
    "I know right? He's the coolest of all my brothers, then Marcus is the next coolest, but no one is cooler than DJ, he's my favorite."
    "So, who uh, is your least favorite?"
    "Shawn2 - he gets - on - my - nerve! What a moron! Total reject!"
    "Why you say that about him?"
    "Trust me, I know him, I'm his sister, I live with him. He's always in trouble. Stays on punishment all the time, he's on punishment now as a matter of fact."
    "Oh yeah, what'd he do?"
    "Oh - get ready to be totally grossed out. I warn you, you may need a barf bag because this is going to totally make you wanna hurl! When he was at school, he got this girl in a closet, did something to her, that made her have a fit!"
    "A fit? What kind of fit, like a seizure or something?"
    Sasha sat up with wide eyes and grand gestures, "Oh ten times worse than a seizure! She was like, foaming at the mouth, her eyes rolled back in her head, she bit her tongue, her body went into like convulsions, like this..." Sasha making strange noises and shaking her head and arms around, " was horrible," She stopped to say and as serious as can be, finished with, "... we think she may be in a coma right now, could be for years." She exaggerated grandly.
    "What?! Oh my god! Well, what did he do to her?"
    "I told you, something - totally - gross!"
    "What? Tell me, tell me!"
    "I heard my brothers talking, and they said ... he ... well, he fingered her."
    "Fing - gered - her?"
    "Yes! Marcus calls him gold-fingers! He touched her, you know where? Down there, between her legs! Next thing he knew it, she went into convulsions and they had to rush her to the hospital! Critical condition, she's in a coma! Now that's bad! No way I'm ever, ever lettin' a boy touch me down there!" Sasha shivered distastefully, over her fish-tale, grown way out of proportion.
    Ma'Keiba followed suit, "Me either! That is so gross! And I sure don't wanna end up in a coma! Because if that don't put me in one, my mom or dad finding out, sure will!"

Chapter 225
    Camp Daniels, Wi.
    Jake was at Shanna's. The boys had dropped him off at her place and drove the rest of the way to Sylvia's house. There they would wait for him to come with the keys to get in. When he entered her place, Royce was sitting on the sofa, no shoes on, just socks, his feet up on the coffee table. Shanna was in the kitchen cooking while he watched TV. Right away upon seeing him, Royce sat up, taking his feet from the table.
    "Hey! You're back from Chicago? How's the windy city?"
    "Too damn far away! You moved in now? You lookin' mighty comfortable." Jake remarked eye balling him and then looking for his sister.
    "Not yet I haven't, but who knows what's to come. Shanna tells me you're back to work tomorrow; bet you're looking forward to that, being off all this time."
    "I'm ready to get back, got things to do, money to make. I'm gonna be needin' a place if I'm ever gonna get Vivian up here."
    "You best get crackin' then." Shanna joined in having heard it all from the sink where she stood, "How long have you been back?" She asked.
    "Just now, mom and dad have the majority of Vivian's things, they'll be storing it. Had to pack her up and move her out the other place she had, trouble was brewing there before I left. So I left my truck with her as well."
    "You did? Wow, what a considerate thing to do; imagine that? You finally growin' up big brother."
    "Yeah yeah yeah, whatever. Shawn's wanting me to stay at the house while they're gone; by the looks of

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