Book Two of the Travelers

Book Two of the Travelers by D.J. MacHale Read Free Book Online

Book: Book Two of the Travelers by D.J. MacHale Read Free Book Online
Authors: D.J. MacHale
impression he was laughing silently.
    â€œWhat!” she said angrily.
    Before he could answer, the grinding noise began again. She felt the vibration running through the rock.
    â€œWhat are you laughing about?” she said. “This isn’t funny.”
    â€œSometimes the solution to a problem is that there is no solution ,” he said.
    â€œThat doesn’t make sense!” Aja said. “Every problem has a logical solution.”
    â€œNow’s not the time for philosophical debate,” Press said. “Go!”
    The grinding was getting louder. She could feel the vibration through the rock. She felt in front of her until her fingers closed around the chain.
    â€œJust step on me,” Press said. He must have felt her hesitate, because he added, “Don’t worry about me. I’ve been through lots worse stuff than being walked on.” Then he laughed loudly. There was something reassuring about him, something that made her feel safe.
    She put one foot on the chain around his wrist. Press grunted. It was obviously a little painful. But then she felt him lifting her into the air. She slid her hands up the shaft until she found a slot like the bottom rung of a ladder. She hauled herself up and began climbing.
    â€œRemember.” Press’s voice echoed up toward her. “You are a Traveler. You’re destined for this.”
    She kept climbing until she felt her head bang against the ceiling.
    â€œOw!” she said.
    Then the grinding stopped. She felt behind her. The shaft had disappeared. She was in another room. From the way sound echoed in the chamber, she was sure it was quite large.
    It was also pitch black. She began feeling her way along the hard stone, moving farther into the large room. As she moved, she felt objects on the floor. Some were hard and metallic. And some were rounded and softer. Wood, maybe.
    They clattered as she moved over them.
    And then she realized, as her fingers brushed over a large round object with several holes in it…No, not wood.
    Bone. It was a skull.
    She was crawling over bones. Bones and armor and shields.
    Her blood ran cold for a moment. She paused. What was this place? And then she heard it. Somewhere in the distance, a soft snuffling sound. Then a dragging sound, like a bag full of rocks being hauled across a floor.
    The Beast. Somewhere out in the darkness was the Beast.
    How far away was it?
    Close enough. Close enough that it would find her. Maybe if she crawled back down the shaft. She felt the wall behind her. The shaft was gone! The wall was completely smooth—other than a row of small holes.
    What could she do? How could she get away if she couldn’t even see? She felt blindly around her. Maybe there was another passage somewhere!
    Her hands closed around something. A thigh bone?Wait…no. It was the handle of an old spear. She felt her way up to the top until she reached the point. It was still sharp. A spear!
    The snuffling stopped. Then the Beast screamed once. It knew she was there, Aja was sure of it.
    Suddenly she had a thought.
    â€œHey!” she shouted. “Come on! Come and get me!”
    There was a brief moment of silence. Then she heard it. The Beast was coming for her, charging through the dark. Aja felt behind her. The holes! Where were they?
    Finally she found one. It was chest high. She thrust the hilt of the spear into it so it stuck straight out from the wall.
    Footsteps thudded toward her. How far away was the charging Beast now? She couldn’t tell. Close. Very close.
    â€œCome on!” she shouted. “Come get me!”
    Closer. Closer.
    Just as she felt that the Beast was on her, she dove to her right.
    As she smashed painfully into the unforgiving rock floor, she heard a massive impact. The Beast had hit the wall. And if her plan had worked, it had impaled itself on the spear.
    On cue the Beast screamed. This time it was not a scream of anger. It was a scream of

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