Bound by Vengeance

Bound by Vengeance by Adriana Noir Read Free Book Online

Book: Bound by Vengeance by Adriana Noir Read Free Book Online
Authors: Adriana Noir
Tags: Suspense, Romance, Contemporary
breath. “Perhaps in your case it is, but you crossed the line, Andy. One there’s no going back from.”
    A brief spark of amusement flashed in his partner’s blue gaze. The sickening thud of knuckles meting flesh flooded the room. Sebastian’s lips twitched in response. Giving his neck a stiff roll, he glanced at the clock. It was the only decoration adorning the walls and the only break from the drab, stained concrete spread around them. Even the door was painted a matching shade of grey. There were no handles on the inside, only a guard stationed on the other side of the door, waiting for their coded knock.
    Blowing out an exasperated breath, he mentally ticked off the hours he’d spent locked i n this room. Part of him just wanted to finish the guy off and get things over with, so he could go home. The larger part realized they still had information to extract and a mission to accomplish. They’d spend days here if need be. Sebastian sighed. He sincerely hoped that wasn’t the case. His focus shifted as Josh’s rough baritone flooded the room.
    “…SKALS. Special Kill and Leverage Squad. Pretty neat acronym, huh? We like to torture people, Andy. Physically, mentally, we make them break. Can you guess where the leverage part comes in? Do you remember that precious family you were mentioning earlier? If you don’t start talking, guess what is going to happen to them,” Josh said. A tight leer stretched across his face.
    Andy paled. Sebastian eased off the wal l and touched his earpiece.
    “Get me a visual.”
    A few seconds later, his phone chimed and he swiped his finger across the screen. His gaze flickered over the video feed, taking in the plain clapboard house and the little boy chasing a Labrador puppy. A slender blonde watched over the pair as she hung sheets outside on a line to dry. Tilting his head, he swung the phone around so Andy could see. He watched as the blood drained from the man’s face flushing it a ghastly white. Horror and pleading surged in the man’s eyes before dimming beneath a wave of resignation. Sebastian had seen it enough times to know it was the look of defeat. He smirked.
    Perhaps the man understood the value of family after all.
    Taylor grinned upon hearing the quiet whir of the garage door. Filled with renewed energy, she turned down the heat under the potatoes and double-checked to make sure she’d put everything away. The smell of seasoned pork wafted from the crockpot and a tangy apple crisp cooled on the counter beside it. All was good. Her heartbeat quickened with joyful excitement. It had been a long day without Sebastian’s company, and the security restrictions had made it feel even longer. She’d finished an entire book before noon, and then spent the rest of the day getting dinner started and cleaning the house. Everything from the stainless steel appliances to the hardwood floors sparkled with a glossy sheen.
    She froze as Sebastian stepped into the hall. He hadn’t changed out of his work clothes. Her gaze darted to the tarnished silver skull and cross bone pin adorning his banded collar before roaming over the jet-black garments and military style boots. She hated that uniform and loved it all in the same breath. He looked so sleek and handsome, but the clothes only seemed to amplify the air of confidence and authority he carried. They turned his usually imposing presence into something menacing and lethal—something that made her heart stop and the air falter in her lungs. She swallowed and tamped down a shiver. His eyes were so cold.
    He studied her, his head tilted slightly to the side, his expression unreadable. Taylor squirmed and took an involuntary step back toward the counter. “How was work?”
    “Good,” Sebastian said quietly. He regarded her for a moment, his piercing stare pinning her in place. “Is something wrong, Taylor?”
    “No,” she stammered the response, hating how it sounded far more like a question than an answer.

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