Bound in Blood 1 Clandestine

Bound in Blood 1 Clandestine by Nicole Rae Read Free Book Online

Book: Bound in Blood 1 Clandestine by Nicole Rae Read Free Book Online
Authors: Nicole Rae
Cleary.” Emily greeted brightly
giggling. Stupidly, she gave Mrs. Cleary a wave even though the
gesture was made pointless because the woman wasn't looking at
    Mrs. Cleary jumped back so hard,
Emily thought she’d
fall in the road and her breath caught. She was watching Emily
with sheer panic, plain on her face, like a deer caught in the
headlights. After a few moments, recognition seemed to dawn on
“Oh, hi Emily. I didn’t see you.”
    The smile that she plastered across her face looked false,
not like her at all. It was closer to the type of smile used in a
toothpaste ad, the ones where you think the model’s cheeks
might burst with the pressure of their toothy grin. Honestly, it
looked painful.Great, she’s apparently b
ecome one of the
Stepford Wives.
    Mrs. Cleary’s head whipped around and back down
again. “Well, if you’ll excuse me. I’ve got to get… home.”
Without another word the stout, older woman squeezed passed
Emily and regained her speed around the corner, until she was
out of sight.
    That was different, Emily thought shaking her head as
she resumed her own path.Maybe she’s got something going on
in her family? Mrs. Cleary was the town gossip and had no
trouble telling anyone,everyone else’s business. Her silence was
like telling her not to breathe. Emily shuddered inwardly at the
latest thought bouncing around in her mind. The choppy
discourse had nothing to do with family problems. Mrs. Cleary
had been recruited into the odd behavior club that seemed to be
taking over the town.
    Emily crossed the street directly in front of Blake’s
Books and half jogged to the door. The blinds were already
open, displaying the big OPEN sign in the window with bold,
block lettering. Crap! George opened early today, which meant
he had seen her laziness. She could picture him behind the
counter with a scowl etched into his stone cold face. His eyes
were probably boring holes into the door,awaiting Emily’s
    When she stepped in, she was pleasantly surprised to see
George’s cheerful daughter behind the counter in his place.
Emily let out a huge sigh of relief and her shoulders instantly
relaxed. Lucy, sometimes called Luce was Emily's best friend. If
Emily was honest, she would have to admit that Lucy was her
only real friend.
    Lucy was Emily’s age
. She attended a blind school out
of town, which meant that many of the teenagers their agedidn’t
know her well. They would see Lucy all the time and still treat
her like she had the plague, usually giving her a wide birth as she
passed. The thought made Emily roll her eyes heavenward, small
towns can be soridiculous. It’s not like blindness was
contagious. Emily wished they would get over it. Unfortunately,
that wasn’t likely.
    Her mind drifted back to when they were little. Lucy’s
mom used to set up play dates with other kids around her
daughter’s age. She wanted to give Lucy a chance to feel normal
and allow the other kids to get to know her better. No chance of
that in this town. Heaven forbid, they put into practice the all
famous rule of not judging a book by its cover.
    The entire time, the
kids would act like they couldn’t
wait for their parents to get back. The jerks would purposefully
play games that would tease Lucy without them having to
actually do the teasing aloud. This way they could blame their
ignorance if they were called out on their trickery. They would
feign innocence, saying that it never occurred to them that Lucy
couldn’t easily play their games. Yeah right! They played things
like Marco Polo but kept their eyes open. The worst was when
they would go outside and say they wanted to play tag. Everyone
would whoop and holler, having a blast. Poor Lucy couldn’t
keep up and would end up sitting in the grass by herself, until
Emily came by.
    It didn’t take long for the two of them to become good
friends. Lucy was amazing and funny. She had a quality about
her that was more

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