Bringer of Fire

Bringer of Fire by Jaz Primo Read Free Book Online Page B

Book: Bringer of Fire by Jaz Primo Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jaz Primo
Tags: Urban Fantasy
the entire window exploded outward in a shower of glass and metal framing. Saving my awe for later, I dragged Lexi and Kristie over to the opening in the wall that was formerly the window. I hoisted Kristie’s petite body up and passed her out onto the shingled roof.
    As I gasped for breath and reached down for Lexi, a fireman seemed to materialize from nowhere just outside the window.
    He hoisted Kristie onto his right shoulder and yelled, “Hey, they’re up here!”
    A roar sounded behind me, and I felt flames nearly upon my back as I struggled to half-shove, half-throw my sister through the window. Fortunately, another fireman was already waiting there to take her from me.
    My mind clouded and I dropped to the floor in a fit of coughing. I felt so drained and lifeless at that moment, as if all of the energy in my body had been sapped.
    At least I’d helped save Lexi and Kristie.
    That’s when I felt my body being lifted from the floor.
    “C’mon, mister!” a man’s muffled voice challenged. “We ain’t losing anybody today!”
    With his help, I struggled to make it out onto the roof. The fireman only barely managed to make it out himself before the flames shot out through the shattered window.
    My lucky day, I guessed.
    The next thing I knew, I was on the grass of the front yard with an oxygen mask pressed to my face. A host of curious neighbors, firemen, police, and even a few television reporters milled around the area. I stared up at the house and could tell that the structure was destined to be a complete loss.
    Well, not a complete loss. I still have my family.
    Then the mysterious caller from the park came to the forefront of my mind, and anger swelled within me.
    I didn’t know who was out to harm my family, but I vowed that somebody’s days were definitely numbered. Nobody threatened my family like that and got away with it.
    By the time the oxygen did its work on me, Lexi and the kids were being transported to the local hospital. Kevin rode with them, so I was left alone to stare at the still-smoldering remains of their home.
    My head ached terribly and I still felt weak, as if I’d just completed a marathon.
    A police officer walked over to take my statement on the incident, and I wrestled with whether or not to tell them about my mysterious phone call.
    My thoughts were interrupted by the arrival of Agent Megan Sanders in a black Toyota Camry, sans her partner. She strode purposefully over to me and took a moment to survey the scene before her.
    “And what brought you so quickly over to your sister’s house?” asked the officer as he cast a quick glance over his shoulder to where deep ruts lead to my hastily abandoned vehicle. Somebody had been kind enough to turn off the ignition, I noticed.
    I stood to look directly into Agent Sanders’ eyes instead of the officer’s. “I got a strange phone call.”
    Sanders’ eyes widened slightly, and she quickly turned her attention to the officer.
    “Officer, this is an FBI matter. I’ll finish taking Mr. Bringer’s statement.”
    He appeared surprised but then he shrugged.
    “Okay with me,” he said before turning to walk over to where a fellow officer was addressing a growing crowd of onlookers.
    “So, where’s your other half?” I quipped.
    She glanced at her watch. “Probably home with his family by now.”
    “So, you’re the workaholic of the pair then?” I asked, rubbing at my eyes with my fingertips. My head was pounding.
    “Something like that,” she replied, quirking her lips. “Mr. Bringer, shouldn’t you have gone to the hospital?”
    “I’m fine, thanks. I’ve got a wicked headache, that’s all.”
    “Let’s talk about your phone call at our office downtown,” she suggested.
    “I’d love to,” I said. “But first, you’re going to have to let me grab a change of clothes from my house.”
    “Fine,” she agreed. “But I think I’ll drive,” she added, noticing my car’s chaotically parked condition.

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