Brooke & Ben: Before Fate Interrupted

Brooke & Ben: Before Fate Interrupted by Kaitlyn Cross Read Free Book Online

Book: Brooke & Ben: Before Fate Interrupted by Kaitlyn Cross Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kaitlyn Cross
flashes burst in the dark as he drove his throbbing manhood in
and out of her with an ill-tempered fury. Brooke arched her back and cried out
to the ceiling she couldn’t see, spreading her legs as wide as they would go,
leaving no obstacle in his path.
    Roger pulled her
up so they were now sitting face to face. Brooke rose up and down in his lap,
running her hands over his head. He pulled her hair and tipped her head back.
His mouth sought out a nipple and bit down. She moaned his name and rode
faster, squeezing his broad shoulders, taking every inch she could get. Brooke
suddenly pushed him to the carpet and assumed the top position. Her face
hovered just above his as she slowed down and enjoyed the ride.
    He kissed her
again, softly gliding in and out of her. Brooke pushed him away and sat up,
rising and falling on top of him. The stereo in the living room masked the thumping
when she quickened her pace. One of his hands found her breast, the other her
soft spot.
    “Oh yeah!”
Brooke cried out, as a tidal wave of ecstasy threatened to drown her.
    He punished her
with his demanding size and, still, she wanted more. The floor began to shake
as she rode faster yet.
    She tried to
fight it but it was no use. She had reached her tipping point and there was no
going back now. It had been too long, and this was too good. “Roger!” Her body
quivered with the orgasm rippling through her like high voltage. Her teeth
locked together as the toe curling spasm bloomed.
    Roger pulled out
and grunted, shooting a warm sensation all over her stomach in twitching spurts.
Her hand found his throbbing dick and milked him for every last drop. She could
feel his hot emission dripping from her hand as he moaned his satisfaction. She
jerked him until his moans turned to heavy breathing and he began to soften in
her hand. They grew quiet, neither making a move, their ragged breath and
muffled music filling the tight space.
    “I knew you were
a pervert,” she whispered, finally breaking the ice.
    He pulled her to
him and kissed her softly on the mouth. “Me? You’re the one into bondage.”
    She ran her
fingers over his stubble, their tongues dancing to a tune only they could hear.
    Roger cradled
her cheeks with both hands. “Where have you been all my life?”
    “Hiding from
guys like you.”
    An uneasy
silence crept between them, unseen but felt. Neither, however, attempted to
untangle themselves from the other quite yet.
    “So… when am I
going to see you again?”
    She thought it
over in the dark, imagining his face in her head. “When you get lucky.”
    He snorted. “I
don’t believe in luck.”
happens for a reason, even the bad stuff.” Roger inhaled an extra deep breath.
“And the good stuff, like this.”
    Brooke’s heart
tripped a little over its own pattering feet. Images of the past ten minutes
flipped through her mind like hand drawn pictures in a notepad’s lower corner: his
smile, those eyes, and that thing between his legs. She would see him again. He had said he wanted no part of sex
when he thought she was Tasha – something about not taking advantage of drunk girls . With or without the magic
lasso, Brooke was glad she had found out the truth. What had started out as a
passing prank had ended up defining his character. She would definitely see him
again. Of that much she was sure.
    The door whipped
open and the light flipped on.
    Brooke’s heart
dropped out through her chest. She sat up and squinted, hiding her breasts with
one hand and blocking out the bare bulb above with the other.
    “What the fuck!”
The fuzzy looking female bent closer on wobbly legs and nearly toppled over.
    “Mandy?” Brooke
fell back onto her butt.
    Roger jumped to
his feet and pulled his slacks up in a single hop.
    “Ben!” Black
trails of mascara streamed down her puffy face. She shook Brooke’s corset at
him in her fist. “You fucking asshole!”
    Brooke’s face
twisted further as a deep seeded

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