[B.S. #1] Tied Up in Knotts

[B.S. #1] Tied Up in Knotts by Dale Cadeau Read Free Book Online

Book: [B.S. #1] Tied Up in Knotts by Dale Cadeau Read Free Book Online
Authors: Dale Cadeau
Tags: Fiction, Suspense, Erótica, Chick lit, Romance, Mystery, BDSM, Military, Women's Fiction, spanking
would like.
    James just stood at the bottom of the stairs and grinned. He knew she had felt him when she brushed past. He had been hard since he had first seen her tonight. The damn thing never went down when she was around. With her red face, he knew she was having the same thoughts. With a knowing twinkle in his blue eyes, he followed Avery up the stairs.
    Avery watched James retreating back as he walked back down the stairs. Well at least he hadn’t argued about bringing the boxes into her apartment. Avery knew her face was bright red still, but hoped that he would just think it was from the climb up the stairs, and not what it really was. She had to get her mind out of the gutter. After all, they would be working together and she had to get her thoughts and hormones under control. She couldn’t walk around the office every day with a red face and wet panties. She didn’t own that many pairs and most were waiting to be washed. Shaking her head she remembered watching James’s tight ass as he strolled down the stairs. “Well, thinking about his ass,” Avery said to herself, “is not going to help.” Picking up the boxes, Avery opened her apartment door and slid the boxes inside.
    James whistled a happy tune as he walked down the sidewalk back to the office. If he wasn’t mistaken, Avery was very aware of him. That was a good start.

Chapter Six
    Waking up the next morning, James sat up in bed and cursed. He was reacting like a teenage kid with his first girl. Waking up with wet sheets from a dream that seemed to be so real. He dreamed he was balls deep inside of Avery. The feelings he got were like no other. Nothing matched the feel of her tight sheath holding him. James swung his legs off the bed, reaching for tissues he now kept close by. This wasn’t the first time they had been needed since he had met her. Cleaning himself up in disgust, his other hand wearily wiped through his sleep-mussed hair. He had to do something about this. He was hard again just thinking of her. He had to stop dreaming and take action and soon. Getting up, James walked to the bathroom and stepped into the shower. Turning the water as cold as he could stand, James took himself in hand. He had to take the edge off, before he met Avery.
    Avery, on the other side of town, hopped from her bed feeling excited and full of energy for the day. Looking into the mirror she grinned at herself and crossed her fingers. Maybe this was the first step to…
    Well she didn’t know how to complete her thought, but anything was better than the boring routine that had become her life. Walking into the bathroom, she stepped into her shower and groaned as the hot water, finally hot, reached her aching muscles.
    She had worked late into the evening, packing up her belongings. She didn’t think she had a lot. But when gathering them together, she found that she had amassed more than she thought. A couple of plants, more used books, and some thrift store clothes.
    Avery had worked to pack everything, so when James got here he would only have to help her move. Scrubbing herself, Avery couldn’t stop herself from imagining James in the shower with her. Every brush of the loofah across her skin felt like his hands. A moan was barely held in when she rubbed the loofah over her breasts, they were so sensitive. God just thinking about James had her core dripping, getting her ready for him. The real thing could only be better than her thoughts.
    She had started dreaming of him the first time she had spotted him in the diner. He was not the usual client the diner catered to. He stood hands above the other guys in the diner, with his black hair and startling blue eyes. Having a body that would have any red-blooded woman licking her lips also helped. Avery had nightly dreams of him sweeping her up and carrying her away from all this. Crazy, but in her dreams, he was the knight in shining armor that every little girl dreamed about. She knew she was being childish,

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