Cabin Fire: A New Adult and College Romance (The Billionaire Romance Redemption Series Book 4)

Cabin Fire: A New Adult and College Romance (The Billionaire Romance Redemption Series Book 4) by Bella Love-Wins Read Free Book Online

Book: Cabin Fire: A New Adult and College Romance (The Billionaire Romance Redemption Series Book 4) by Bella Love-Wins Read Free Book Online
Authors: Bella Love-Wins
yourself. Don’t hold it in. It’s not good. So now I’m going to be quiet, and I’m going to let you talk.”
    Abby sat silently. This time, she was ready to talk. “I don’t know what I did wrong, Trina. He’s not talking to me anymore. He was going to tell me about his past. And he must have thought I beat him to it by researching him online. But I didn’t. And now he won’t talk to me…I really thought he was the one.”
    Abby broke down and cried. The sobs continued. Trina sat quietly on the other end of the line. She waited for Abby to continue.
    “I haven’t spoken to him for two weeks. I feel so depressed…and broken. I can’t do anything about it right now while school is going on. He’s all the way out there. If he doesn’t take a step toward me, I don’t think we’ll have anything anymore. See? There really isn’t that much. But it feels like my world is upside down. I wish he would just talk to me.”
    “Abby, I’m so sorry,” Trina said in a voice so nurturing and calm, Abby could cry all over again. “He’ll come to his senses. Men don’t have the tools to communicate the way we do… Do you want me to talk to him?”
    “No, please don’t,” Abby said quickly. “Don’t. You can’t. It’ll probably push him further away.”
    “Alright. I won’t. You have my word. But if he asks me for any advice, I’ll be sure to set him straight.”
    “Are you sure you’ll be okay?”
    “Yes. I’ll be fine. These things will work themselves out. Or not. Either way, I’ll have to live with it. Thanks for listening, Trina. And thanks for being persistent. You’re right. It does feel better to the let some of it out.”
    “You’re more than welcome, dear.”
    “I have to get some sleep now. Have a good night, Trina. Give my love to John.”
    “Good night, Abby.”
    Abby hung up, and the phone vibrated again. She turned the phone off, and slipped in between the sheets. She needed her sleep. She wanted to forget.
    The next morning when Abby checked her messages, it was Rob. He had sent a text, inviting her to dinner that weekend with him and Ruth. She wasn’t sure if Trina put him up to it. She could use the company, but not right away. She replied and told them she would love to, if he didn’t mind waiting a few weeks. She needed to bring her spirits up before facing anyone in a social setting.

Chapter Nine
    ANDREW sat up in bed suddenly. It was late at night. He was back in San Francisco to deliver another guest lecture the next morning. He had awoken from yet another nightmare. A cocoon of covers lay bundled from his waist down. He was drenched in sweat and panting. He hadn’t had a dream with such intensity for over a year.
    He got up and walked to the kitchen in his suite. Taking a bottle of water from the fridge, he walked back to his room and sat on the side of the bed. It was so vivid, he almost felt the nightmare had not ended. He drank the entire bottle and stretched out in the bed again, but his mind was fired up from the nightmare. He sat up again after a few minutes. There was no way he could go back to sleep after that. Images of Emma’s face kept surfacing.
    He got up and dressed. He decided to take a drive and clear his head. He had not driven around San Francisco on his own in ages. Tonight, he needed to feel the air through his hair and the roar of an engine beneath him. He needed something to do. He checked with the hotel. His father’s Lamborghini was still parked in the garage. He told them to have the valet bring it out.
    He went down the elevator and made his way through the lavish lobby to the exit. Soft operatic music played in the background. It was beautifully dull. And tragic. All his senses seemed hyper-aware tonight. He walked out to the front of the hotel, got in the driver seat, started the car, and revved it before driving away.
    When he was out on the open road, he peeled off, fishtailing as the car sped up the street. The

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