California Connection 2 (Califronia Connection)

California Connection 2 (Califronia Connection) by Chunichi Read Free Book Online

Book: California Connection 2 (Califronia Connection) by Chunichi Read Free Book Online
Authors: Chunichi
guarantee that it would be a success. Our city wouldn’t expect anything less than a celebrity wedding. Hell, we’d already set the tone with our New Year’s party, so we had no choice but to continue the trend.
    Although we hadn’t set a date yet, I wanted our wedding to be the biggest event niggas in VA had ever seen, the wedding that would be talked about forever. I could already see the looks on the faces of all the haters when they see us stroll down the aisle. Our wedding was going to be the hottest shit VA had ever seen. We were definitely going down in history.
    Although I’d plan to have an invitation-only event with police as security because there was no way Touch or I could take a chance of a replay from New Year’s night, my guest list was already at five hundred. I was sure to invite all of the who’s who and keep out all of the “who’s you.” I was on some presidential shit. I was even checking out some of the pictures of Obama’s inauguration on the Internet, trying to get some additional ideas for entertainment, when I heard a familiar voice interrupt my concentration.
    “Jewel, is that you? Hey, girl!”
    I turned around in my booth and looked up from my laptop to see the nurse from the hospital, Misty. “Oh! Hey, Misty.”
    “How’s your boo, Trayvon?” Misty used the same slang she’d used in the hospital the day we’d first met.
    We both laughed, acknowledging that moment.
    “He’s great! He’s walking without his walker now.”
    “Misty, I just want to thank you for your kindness to us both while we were in the hospital.” I reached out to shake her hand.
    “That’s my job.” Misty flagged her hand in dismissal. “Damn, girl! Let me see that ring!” Seeing my unavoidable rock, she lifted my left hand. “Are you and Trayvon getting married?”
    “Yes,” I said, a Kool-Aid smile across my face. “We’re engaged.”
    “Congratulations! Dang, that rock is heavy. And that diamond’s almost blinding me. Whew! When’s the big date?”
    Before I could answer, my mouth flew wide open, and I put my hand over my heart. I gasped. I had seen Calico walk by the coffee shop in the shopping mall. I had heard he’d skipped town, and probably went back to Cali, but I knew this thing wasn’t over between him and Touch. I was sure that was Calico, and I couldn’t take any chances of him seeing me, so I ducked my head down in the booth where I sat.
    “What’s the matter?” Misty looked concerned.
    “I think I just saw this dude, Calico.”
    “Who’s Calico?”
    “The guy who shot Touch.”
    “Oh my God. He hasn’t been arrested yet?” Misty jumped in front of me in a protective manner as she scanned the area looking for Calico, and for a second, it looked like she was reaching for a gun on her hip.
    “No,” I said, kind of thrown by her demeanor.
    “We better get out of here.” Misty grabbed me by the arm. “Let’s slip out the back door, and we can take my truck. I’m parked in the back. I’ll bring you back to get your car later.”
    I lowered my head and tiptoed, with Misty blocking my body, as she walked behind me. She led me to a black Tahoe with dark tint. She opened the passenger door for me, and I scooted down into the front seat.
    Misty climbed in on the driver’s side and hit the gas pedal. “How about if we go to my place and kick it for a while?”
    I was surprised at just how cool Misty was. Sure, at the hospital she seemed like a down-to-earth chick, but I never would have expected us to click so easily.
    I examined her from head to toe. She was dressed in D&G jeans, sneakers, and light jacket to match. She had her hair pulled up in a curly ponytail. Based on her attire alone, I would have to say, she was my type of female. Even so, I was still skeptical.
    Generally speaking, I didn’t trust women, and especially after how Sasha stabbed me in the back. But since I was already in the truck with her and she’d practically saved me from

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