Call of the Canyon
    “There’s something else I want you to see.”
Kate remembered Yavapai Point didn’t have the observation building
in 1927 and she wanted Drew to see it. They strolled along the
path, stopping to stare out at the canyon every once in a while,
and the day went lazily by.
    They finally ended up on the porch of El
Tovar, the Grand Canyon’s premier hotel and restaurant. It was like
they had never left 1927.
    “Remember our first lunch on this porch?”
Drew pulled Kate close to him and pressed his mouth against hers.
“You were so afraid of getting into trouble.” He said between
    Kate leaned against him, not wanting the
moment to end. She kissed him back, not caring who saw. “I love
you, Drew Kelly.” She stared into his eyes. His sparkle was back.
“And little did I know you had the run of the place because your
dad donated money to the park.”
    Drew threw back his head and let out a
glorious laugh. “I didn’t want you to think I was a spoiled rich
    “I didn’t, never thought you were.” She
patted his face and took him to a bench at the side of the porch.
“I was scared I’d run into my dad more than anything. The first
time I saw him at Kolb Studio, I knew it was him.”
    “I kept trying to have you meet him and you
keep avoiding it. Jackson Roberts is Jack Woods, still hard to
    “I knew he saw me that day!” Then Kate
became more serious. “Thank goodness he didn’t stop me from coming
back to you. You wouldn’t be here today.”
    The couple sat silently, holding hands,
looking out at the canyon, their magical, wondrous canyon. This was
the most relaxed Drew looked all day.
    * * * *
    The birthday party was scheduled the day
before the return to Ohio. Anna filled Kate in on the details. She
invited the Cooks who were friends of the family, and the Hastings
for the big day. Henrietta and Lucy Hasting were Lucinda’s
daughters. Amy, Anna’s daughter-in-law, was their younger sister.
It made them aunts to Anna’s grandchildren. Besides that, they were
Joanna and Kate’s cousins. Anna wanted to make it a big family
gathering for Kathryn because she loved them all so much. She
included Charlie on the guest list for Lindsey. Nothing ever got by
    Anna ordered two separate cakes for the
party and they were delivered that morning. Because the girls loved
horses, it became the theme for the party. Anna told Kate she had
so much fun planning the party she almost forgot she turned one
hundred last October. When Kathryn was around, she felt like she
was eighteen again.
    Upstairs, Lindsey and Kate were trying on
different cowgirl shirts. They couldn’t make up their minds if they
wanted to be cute or sexy cowgirls. Aunt Sue took the girls
shopping for hats and boots as their gift. Boxes were scattered on
the floor, filled with what they bought.
    “I can’t believe I have to go home and won’t
see you all summer, Linds!” Kate stuck out her lower lip in a pout.
“You’ve done this for so many summers we never get to hang
    “But look what happened last summer because
you were bored. Your mother gave you the book to read and your
whole life changed. You had an adventure of a lifetime. Come to
think of it, you still are.” Lindsey put her arm around Kate. “I
like my hat better!” She grabbed it out of the box and placed it on
her head.
    Lindsey’s hat was basic black with a twist.
A thin leatherette band shaped like a belt with tiny clear
rhinestones, traveled around the crown. Her white shirt, skinny
jeans and black boots completed the outfit. She twirled around in
front of Kate.
    “Wow, I hope I look that good when I’m
ready!” Kate fumbled with her shirt trying to tuck it into her
tight blue jeans. She wanted to get a pink cowgirl hat but Drew
told her to not come back with pink, any color but that. As soon as
she got to the store, Kate knew which one she wanted. She picked a
turquoise hat, the color of the Arizona sky. Drew agreed it

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