Candace C. Bowen - A Knight Series 01

Candace C. Bowen - A Knight Series 01 by A Knight of Silence Read Free Book Online

Book: Candace C. Bowen - A Knight Series 01 by A Knight of Silence Read Free Book Online
Authors: A Knight of Silence
    Seizing Reina’s arm, Baldith jerked her from his side. “My husband’s
daughter must prepare herself for Father Godfrey’s long overdue visit, your
    “I am sure she can walk without your assist,” he replied rudely.
    “She is addled, your lordship.   I
am charged with seeing to her welfare.”
    Without giving Fulke a chance to respond, she practically dragged Reina
to the small chapel in a shadowed corner of the courtyard.
    Frowning after them, Sibilla firmly clasped his arm, leading him in the
opposite direction.

    * * * *

    Baldith forcefully shoved Reina inside the stone structure as soon as
she snatched the door open.   Stalking in
after her, she pulled the door shut with a bang.
    Before Reina could straighten to move away, Baldith swung around,
viciously slapping her.   “You worthless
daughter of a whore.”
    Reina stumbled back, almost falling. Yet, she did not miss the words spoken
against her mother.   Raising her hand to
the bleeding cut on her cheek from one of Baldith’s rings, she straightened,
glaring in defiance at the woman who had been nothing but cruel to her.
    Narrowing her eyes, Baldith raised her hand to strike again when the
chapel door burst open, ripped from its leather hinges. A furious Warin stood
framed in the doorway.
    Breathing hard from his race across the courtyard, he snarled, “Mother,
what do you think you are doing?”            
    Reina rushed to his side, afraid of what her father would do to him for
disobeying Baldith.   Gripping his sleeve,
she willed him to look at her.   “Please Warin, do not do this.”
    Pulling his arm away, he shook his head. “No longer will I feel shame
for not protecting you.”
      Facing his mother, he fumed,
“Henceforth, you shall keep your hands to yourself, mother.”   
    “She brings it on herself by disobeying, Warin.”
    “You may deceive my father with that drivel, but not me,” he scoffed.
    “Baron Erlegh has close connections to the king himself.   I will not allow her to ruin Sibilla’s
    “Reina has ruined naught.”
    “She has ruined everything,” his mother came close to shrieking. “Every
nobleman intended for Sibilla, lusts after the lack-wit.”
    “Perchance they like the challenge she presents over the ease in which
they can sport with Sibilla.”
    Following the conversation, Reina gasped.
    “You dare question your sister’s virtue?” his mother asked in
    “Aye I do.   You would be
surprised what men let slip when they think a lad cannot understand what they
speak. Your precious Sibilla has been entertaining father’s men for years now.
It is a wonder she does not already have a brood of bastards clinging to her
    “You shall not speak ill of your sister,” his mother screeched, spittle
flying from her thin pinched lips.
    Warin stalked forward, forcing her to step back in alarm. “Reina is
also my sister.” Fisting his hands, he ground out, “Think you, I am ignorant of
your treatment of her?”
    “You would take her side over that of your own mother’s?”
    “I will take her side over anyone’s.” At her look of outrage, he
continued, “Know this as well, mother. Unless you change your ways, when I am
Lord of Kenwick, there will be no place for you within my hall.”
    Tears of panic glittered in Baldith's dark eyes.   “How can you be so cruel to your own flesh
and blood?”
    “I learned from the best,” he scoffed bitterly.
    “Keep her away from his lordship, Warin. Or I shall.” With a last glare
at Reina, she stormed from the chapel, stumbling across the fallen door on her
way out.      
    Seeing her go, Reina collapsed sobbing onto the dirt floor.
    Kneeling beside her, Warin wrapped an arm around her shoulders. Tipping
her chin up so she would look at him. “She is unworthy of your tears, Reina.”
    He held her as she released the misery she had tried so hard to keep
hidden from him.
    Raising her

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