Candid (True Images Series)

Candid (True Images Series) by Michelle Pennington Read Free Book Online

Book: Candid (True Images Series) by Michelle Pennington Read Free Book Online
Authors: Michelle Pennington
he stepped on the heel of my shoe just as I took a step, pulling it off my foot. I turned back and glared at him. “Ok. Now I’m mad.”
    He was laughing, but he still managed to fend off every half-hearted punch I threw at him, using the tripod as a shield. When I landed one on his chest, it surprised me that he hadn’t blocked it until he grabbed me with both arms and pulled me against his chest to stop me from swinging.
    He still held the tripod in one hand and it pressed into my shoulder, but his other arm was firm around me. As I felt his solid chest against my hands and looked up to see his face, I realized I’d never felt so small and feminine before.
    His eyes were teasing me as he asked, “What are you going to do now?”
    I honestly didn’t know, since it was clear I wouldn’t get loose unless he let me. I didn’t have time to think about it much before we heard someone walking towards us though.
    “What are you kids doing out here?”
    At the sound of an adult voice, Lee let go of me and we stepped apart. Coach Hatfield was walking towards us, probably on his way to the football field. “We’re going to take pictures of the dance team,” I told him.
    He nodded. “Oh, ok. You must be the ones I’m supposed to unlock the gate for.” His voice was curt, like he would rather be somewhere else. Luckily, he didn’t seem to care much that we’d been horsing around instead doing what we were sent to do.
    “We’re coming, sir” Lee said. He glanced sideways at me and his expression was half apology, half amusement as he watched me put my shoe back on.
    Quietly following behind Coach Hatfield, I was surprised when he turned around and asked, “You’re the girl who took the picture of Tyson that was in the paper Saturday, right?”
    I nodded, amazed that he knew who I was. “Yeah, that was me.”
    “That was great. It was a good story, and it got Tyson some exposure he hasn’t really had before. He’s got a few scouts coming to see him play over the next few weeks.”
    “That’s awesome,” I said, hoping for more information. But Coach Hatfield just nodded absently. His mind had already moved on. I felt a little deflated until Lee smiled at me, like he was proud or something, and gave me a thumbs up.
    Most of the dance team was already waiting for us at the gate, dressed up in their uniforms with pompoms in hand. When Coach Hatfield unlocked and removed the padlock from the gate, Lee pushed it open and held it for everyone to come through.
    I came through last, eyeing the gate with suspicion. I still held a grudge against it for the embarrassment it had caused me at the game Friday night.
    Mrs. Jenkins, the dance team coach, arrived a few minutes later, shepherding the last few girls in front of her. She looked a little frazzeled .
    “Is everyone here?” I asked.
    “Are there eleven girls?” she counted quickly. “Yes. That’s all of them.”
    “Ok, let’s go,” I called to all of them. Some of them heard and moved towards me, but most of them were focused on Lee. He was talking to a few of the girls, and the rest were all trying to get in on the conversation. I groaned as I realized he was going to complicate this. I walked over to him and touched his arm. “Lee, can I talk to you a sec?”
    “Yeah, sure.”
    There was a question in his eyes as he followed me a few steps away, but I didn’t say anything until I was sure no one would hear me. “Look. If you’re going to be here, I wish you would help instead of distracting everyone.”
    “I’m not doing anything,” he protested.
    “Maybe you don’t mean to, but I guess you’re a distraction just by being here. I forgot the effect you have on girls or I never would have brought you.”
    “All girls?”
    “Every last one of them,” I grumbled. Then when I saw he was grinning at me, I realized I’d just included myself in this group. “Well, most of them. Now, since they’re all hanging on your every word, will you help me

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