Can't Buy Me Love

Can't Buy Me Love by Elizabeth Powers Read Free Book Online

Book: Can't Buy Me Love by Elizabeth Powers Read Free Book Online
Authors: Elizabeth Powers
out laughing.
wonder you’re looking at me like I sprouted an alien head. Sorry about the mess
here – I usually don’t wear such a thick covering of dust. So. ‘Ed.’ Frank has
been telling me about you for weeks, and I’m glad to finally see you and know
that he’s not imagining you.”
seemed to have recovered quickly. “Sorry we caught you at a bad time,” he grinned,
sticking out his hand to her.
reached out her hand to meet his, and was surprised at the warmth that seemed
to emanate from his larger palm to hers. Pulling back, she unobtrusively rubbed
her hand on the back of her shirt and looked up at Chase.
I owe you coffee, I think. At least, Frank decrees that I owe you coffee,” she
said waving toward her co-worker who was watching their exchange curiously. “I
really just want to hear more about what you’d like to do here at Helping Hands.
My genius weekend manager wants to pull you out of the kitchen soup line and
into an office,” she smiled. “But I’d want to be sure that was something you
wanted. Since you work in an office all day, you might not really want to
volunteer to do the same kind of work.”
for considering that. But if I can be of help to you on the administration
side, I’m happy to take a look. My guess is that what I could do for you here
would be quite different from my day to day responsibilities.”
nodded. Yeah , she thought. You wouldn't exactly be brokering any
multi-million-dollar deals here.
Chase was still talking. “I might still want to grab a spoon every now and then,
though, and help out in the kitchen. I’m surprised at how much I enjoy that.”
looked up at him in astonishment. Chase liked working the kitchen? Really ?
Realizing that she was staring at him rudely, she closed her mouth and then
nodded. “OK, I get that. I think we all do, actually. So did you want to meet today,
or set a time to meet later on?” she asked, hoping that he’d want to meet later
in the week. She didn’t like spending a full day at the shelter on Saturdays
unless she absolutely needed to.
just stopped by to meet you and to see about a time to talk. I can’t stay this
morning, and I need to be out of town tomorrow. But if you can meet toward the
end of the day sometime during the work week, I’ll leave the office early one
evening and come over here.”
would be fine,” Lena sighed with relief.
I check my calendar and call with a suggestion?”
sounds great.” She turned to see Frank heading toward the stairs. “Do not abandon us down here,” she called to her manager. “I do not know where the traps
are since you friggin' move them all the time .”
grinned. “I’m just trying to stay one step ahead of the mice.”
have mice?” Chase asked.
building in this part of town has mice. But we do our share of keeping the
population down. Well, Frank does. I hate killing them, so I’d use those humane
traps and go let them go out in the forest. But both Frank and Tomas tell me
that they just find their way back here, so they took over the mouse-control
business more than a year ago. Now I just stay out of the basement unless I
need to come down here.”
for the books.”
Darn Frank. I should have known he’d come down here to get them for me today.”
    “ I
heard that .”
I appreciate it,” she sighed. “It’s both good and pathetic when your staff is
several steps ahead of you.” They’d reached the stairs. “You go on up. I’ll get
the lights as we go.”
they reached the top of the stairs, Frank turned to Lena. “Go home. And don’t
forget the beer tonight. Get the good stuff – none of this Yuengling crap.”
laughed. “It’s better than that nasty Miller Light that you drink,” she
don’t drink that stuff. I just buy it for everyone else,” Frank grinned.
shook her head in amusement.

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