Captive Spirit

Captive Spirit by Anna Windsor Read Free Book Online

Book: Captive Spirit by Anna Windsor Read Free Book Online
Authors: Anna Windsor
Tags: Fiction, Romance, Paranormal
    Strada felt his own human-form face ease once more into a pleased expression. When they had been released from that cursed desert temple in the Valley of the Gods, Strada had divided his small family of thirty Rakshasa into groups of two and three and sent them forth.
    By now, small armies of his kind would be surging through major cities on all seven modern continents. Strada was learning to use devices like computers, though electronic equipment often didn’t wish to cooperate with his kind, with their powerful energy. Still, he could use the contraptions to see that their coffers were filling. Working hard for his promised reward of immortality, Griffen had taught Strada much about banks and accounts, about how digital signals now filled air once populated by only the psychic workings of gods like the Rakshasa.
    Humans were just as clever now as they had been in ancient times. Perhaps even more so—and perhaps that was why they were having more success establishing Created who didn’t go mad and require immediate extermination.
    As the Created finished rendering the office space presentable once more, Griffen separated himself from the ranks and strode toward Strada, Aarif, and Tarek. His blond hair seemed to gleam in the unnatural bulb lighting, and his blue eyes were bright with the intelligence and elemental ability that had drawn Strada to him when the Rakshasa arrived in New York City. Tonight, Griffen wore jeans and a shirt he’d called a “polo” when he brought Strada his own collection of such garments.
    “ Culla , I think they’re close to ready,” Griffen said, gesturing back to the Created, who were polishing chairs, desks, and the floors. Griffen’s movements were fluid and exact, like the trained warrior Strada knew him to be.
    “And your … men?” Strada had almost said pride , but corrected himself.
    Griffen’s gaze sharpened with his cool smile, and the twinned-serpent tattoo on his forearm seemed to writhe and pulse. “The Coven is more than prepared.”
    A heat rushed through Strada, anticipation mingled with his never-ceasing appreciation of the freedom he had so recently regained. Freedom to recover. To grow. To conquer once more. “We will give them a trial soon, then.” He slapped Aarif on the back, and even Tarek gave a soft growl of eagerness. “Griffen, the women who fought us earlier this day, those wicked creatures who injured my true brother—I want to know more about them.”
    The shifts in Griffen’s posture and expression were subtle but easily detectable to Strada. Hatred. Hunger. Anxiety. The emotions radiated off the man until Strada could scent the tang of each separate feeling. So his human allies, Griffen and his twelve companions with their rudimentary elemental talents and their snake tattoos, had encountered these women before.
    “The Sibyls.” Griffen’s tone was controlled, but hints of rage laced each syllable. “They’re part of an ancient worldwide order known as the Dark Crescent Sisterhood, pledged to the Dark Goddess and trained in combat since they were children.” His fingers curled, then relaxed. “The Coven had contact with them many times before the downfall of the Legion. They were on the list I provided you when we came to our agreement with their allies in the NYPD’s Occult Crimes Unit—but their numbers have been low of late. I don’t think they can muster much consistent interference with your business.”
    Strada remembered the history lesson Griffen had given him after Strada captured him during one of his Coven’s midnight rituals. The Legion was a defunct cult that had achieved a basic confederation of many smaller paranormal groups. They had attempted domination of the city, and ultimately worldwide politics. The Legion had failed because its leaders were weak and greedy. They lacked Strada’s finesse and simplicity of purpose.
    As for Griffen and his capture, it had taken some time—and much money—for them to

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