Cash Remington and the Rum Run (Sexy Dreadfuls Book 2)

Cash Remington and the Rum Run (Sexy Dreadfuls Book 2) by Celia Aaron Read Free Book Online

Book: Cash Remington and the Rum Run (Sexy Dreadfuls Book 2) by Celia Aaron Read Free Book Online
Authors: Celia Aaron
inside my shirt and pull out the pouch. Like any pirate, Captain Lament’s eyes light up at the sight of possible treasure. I don’t blame him; my heart speeds faster, too.
    I shake the gem from the pouch and cradle it in my hand. It catches the light and sends a blue prism onto the bookshelf behind Captain Lament.
    He stands and holds out his hand. “Let’s have a look.”
    I pass it to him, and he holds it up to peer at it, turning it every which way. My eye is drawn to the imperfection at its core, and I can only hope it won’t harm the price too much. As long as it’s enough to buy my ship, I don’t care about the rest. I’ll make my fortune on the sea.
    The Captain taps a finger on his chin. “Something about this is familiar. Something…” He hobbles to a bookshelf at my back, the steady thunk of his peg leg faster than usual.
    I rise and follow him. He runs his fingers over several books; their spines written in Latin or Greek that I can’t read. He seizes one and pulls it down before taking it over to a map table near the sunny window. He sets the gem beside the book and flips through its pages.
    He runs his finger over the text on certain pages, then shakes his head and keeps searching. The sun slips behind a cloud, and the wind starts to pick up. He flips through the pages faster. Shade hovers at his elbow, watching him work.
    An uneasy feeling settles in the pit of my stomach. “Captain, what is it?”
    “Shh. I need to think.” He keeps flipping past images of sea monsters I can only imagine. Things even more hellish than the Kraken or the six-headed creature. “No, scratch that. Talk.” He shakes his head. “What destroyed your ship?”
    “It was a… I don’t know. There was an enormous whirlpool and some sort of monster. We were trapped between the two. The whirlpool kept expanding, so we had to cut too close to the monster. It had these heads. There were—”
    “Six of them.” Captain Lament stills, and his face turns a lighter brown as the blood drains from it.
    Thunder rumbles over the island and the sky grows even darker.
    I cock my head at him. “Do you know what it was?”
    “Scylla and Charybdis.”
    “What?” My confusion only grows with each word from his mouth.
    He grabs the gem and peers at it again, staring hard at the center. “Where did you get this?”
    “A shipwreck. There was a girl—”
    “A girl?”
    “Yes. She said the gem belonged to her.” My face grows hot when I remember how I tricked her. “But I took it. Now it’s mine.”
    “Give it back.” He holds it out to me.
    “Give it back, and get the hell out of here. Get as far away from here as you can.” He shoves me away from the table. “Go!”
    I’ve never seen him like this. His fear is palpable. “Captain—”
    “Look!” He shoves the book at me. Thankfully, it’s in English. A drawing of the stone takes up one entire page. On the other, a description is written in neat letters.
    The Kraken Stone
    The Kraken Stone is rumored to belong to Poseidon. The name is a misnomer. It’s not an actual gem or stone. Legend states that the Kraken Stone contains the very last Kraken. It is, in essence, an egg. Poseidon treasures it above all other items, because the ability to create another Kraken, if need be, is a great source of power.
    A deep roar cuts through the air. Captain Lament thumps his way across the room and yanks his scabbard down from behind his desk.
    I skim the rest of the entry on the Kraken Stone, my eyes unbelieving. “Captain, what in the ninth circle of hell is going on—”
    “Cash?” A breathless Hannah leans against the doorframe, her bosom heaving over the top of her corset. “The girl. She’s…” She takes a huge gulp of air.
    I dash to her. “Where? Where is she?”
    “She’s here.”
    Nere walks in behind Hannah. She’s dressed as a boy, her hair pulled back in a topknot. She’s still beautiful, and only a fool would think she were a man. I

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