CelebrationAfterDarkKobo by Marie Force Read Free Book Online

Book: CelebrationAfterDarkKobo by Marie Force Read Free Book Online
Authors: Marie Force
first winter they’d lived in this house, they found out the hard way that keeping the snow from accumulating on the deck was critical to keeping the deck attached to the house. “Most awful sound I ever heard.”
    “It was the sound of more money down the drain and more work.”
    “Ah yes, those were the days of two money pits—the marina and this house,” she said.
    “Hard times, but the best of times, too.”
    “I was just thinking about the first day you brought me here.”
    He wiped his wet hair with the towel before he used it to mop up the mess on the floor. “When you got seasick and then they canceled the ferries? I thought for sure you’d be done with me forever after that day.”
    “It was a great day.”
    “I’ve never forgotten the look on your face when Carolina’s dad told us they’d stopped running the ferries and you realized you were stuck here with me for the night.” He laughed at the memory. “I swear you thought I’d arranged that so you’d have to spend the night.”
    “Still not convinced that you didn’t.”
    “I wasn’t that clever.”
    “You were the most clever boy I ever met. You still are.”
    “But I wasn’t that clever. It never occurred to me that they’d cancel the boats. That was the first time the ferry schedule got in the way of my plans.”
    “But not the last.” Linda eyed the whitecaps in the Salt Pond. “I sure do hope the kids can get here later.”
    “The boats are still running, as far as I know. If they aren’t, Slim will get them here. He’s due back later today.”
    “Not so sure I want my kids flying in this weather, either.”
    Mac kissed her forehead. “Try not to worry. They’ll get here.”
    She put her arms around his waist and rested her head on his chest. “Remember that first night together at the marina?”
    “How could I ever forget?”

Chapter 5
    Did he remember? In the shower, warming up after spending an hour in the cold, shoveling snow, Mac recalled that long-ago afternoon. He and Linda had arrived at the ferry landing planning to take the five o’clock boat back to the mainland only to encounter a sign that said, “Ferries canceled until tomorrow.”
    His heart had sunk when he thought about her telling him she wouldn’t spend the night on his island. Now she had no choice.  
    “Oh Lord,” Linda said. “What now?”
    Determined to put a positive spin on the unfortunate turn of events, Mac said, “Now we find you a hotel room.” He’d spend money he didn’t have to ensure her comfort.  
    She eyed him shrewdly. “Neither of us can afford a hotel room.”
    “It’s okay. I’ve got it covered.”
    “Mac, we can stay at the marina. We’ll make it work.”
    “Oh, um, well…” He ran his fingers through his hair, torn with indecision. Though she was trying to be helpful, he hadn’t missed her freak-out over the spiders. They freaked him out, too, and getting rid of them was at the top of his to-do list. But he wouldn’t achieve complete eradication between now and bedtime. And the thought of spending a night in close quarters with her… He couldn’t think about that or he might embarrass them both.
    “I need to find a phone somewhere so I can tell my roommates what’s happened,” Linda said. “Otherwise they’ll send the state police after me.”
    “I have a friend with a phone. Let’s go see him.”  
    He drove them to his new friend Ned Saunders’s place and was relieved to see Ned’s station wagon in the driveway. Bringing Linda with him, Mac knocked on Ned’s door.  
    “Hey,” Ned said, smiling when he came to the door. “Yer back. Wondered if we’d see ya round here again.”
    “Told ya I’d be back, and you’re looking at the official owner of McCarthy’s Gansett Island Marina as of this morning.”
    “Thanks. This is my friend Linda. She came over with me for the day, and now the ferries are canceled. I wondered if she might use your phone to let her

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