Centyr Dominance

Centyr Dominance by Michael G. Manning Read Free Book Online

Book: Centyr Dominance by Michael G. Manning Read Free Book Online
Authors: Michael G. Manning
inn.” When did he get so handsome? She
     couldn’t help but admire the breadth of his shoulders as he walked ahead of
    “There ought to be a tavern or somethin’ similar
     around the corner there,” said Chad.
    “Have you been here before?” Moira asked him in
     surprise. In point of fact, her magesight had already revealed an
     establishment that was probably an inn ahead of them to the right, just out of
    “Nah,” answered the hunter, “but I know pubs, an’ we
     just left the main gate. There’ll be several nearby.”

    The Dusty Doxy was anything but dusty. They had just
     stepped inside, and Moira’s eyes revealed a main room that was meticulously
     clean. Patrons sat quietly at tables scattered around the room, watching the
     newcomers curiously. The bar looked relatively new, compared to the old wood
     paneling that decorated the rest of the taproom.
    Chad coughed before muttering, “This don’t look good.
     Let’s look a little further down.”
    Gram shrugged and then looked at Moira.
    “It’s lovely,” she ventured. “Why don’t you like it?”
    The hunter grimaced, “Who could be comfortable in a
     place like this? It’s too clean. The place gives me the creeps. I can’t
     trust a bar that looks like a woman’s boudoir.”
    “Hello,” said a new voice. An attractive woman in her
     middle years was approaching. Her hair was a dark auburn, but it was heavily
     interspersed with gray streaks. There was an air of authority about her that
     enhanced rather than detracted from her welcoming smile. She gave the
     impression of being well accustomed to dealing with men, a friendly confidence;
     her large bust did nothing to distract from that feeling.
    “Hello,” said Moira promptly, smiling in return. “Do
     you serve food here?” From the corner of her eye, she could see Gram had
     frozen, his eyes drawn to their hostess’ proudly displayed bosom. Oh, for
     goodness sake!
    “In a little while, if you’re patient,” said the
     newcomer. “Cook just arrived, but he should have the evening fare ready in an
     hour or so. You look like you’ve traveled far.” Her eyes moved between them,
     noting their clothing.
    “Yeah, this is my d…,” began Chad, but Moira
     interrupted him.
    “I’m Moira, and these are my servants. We’ve come
     from southern Gododdin,” she said quickly, determined not to be caged again by
     one of the hunter’s stories. While their hostess’s overly exposed chest, and
     Gram’s reaction to it, irritated her, she still felt a certain warmth from the
     woman. Observing her aythar, Moira could tell that she was easy going and
     straightforward compared to most.
    The redhead smiled, “I’m Tamara. Nice to meet you,
     Moira. Would you and your companions like to sit at the bar, or perhaps you’d
     prefer a private table?”
    Moira would definitely have preferred a private
     table. The eyes of the room were still on them, making her uncomfortable, but
     Chad spoke first.
    “The bar would be fine,” he put in. Seeing the dark
     look Moira shot him, he leaned over and whispered to her, “We won’t learn anything
     sitting alone.”
    Tamara’s eyes lit on him in curiosity, no doubt
     wondering at a servant who made so bold as to make such decisions. After a
     second, they switched to Gram, and she smiled. “Where were you twenty years
     ago young man, before I retired?” She gestured to the bar, indicating they
     should sit.
    They made their way over, while Gram struggled to
     answer her question, “I wasn’t born yet.”
    Tamara laughed, enjoying his discomfort.
    Gram and Chad sat on either side of Moira,
     protectively situating her between them. After a moment Tamara sat beside
     Gram. Leaning forward she placed her hand casually on his shoulder while
     addressing Moira, “Would you and your companions like something to drink while
     you wait?”
    “Tea would be lovely, please,” she answered, hiding
     her annoyance at

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